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I am going to try to make this post positive. Please forgive the rambling. I am feeling really sad, but am trying to look at the positive. I have had two good days on my food plan. I have started working out again. Normally this makes me feel better. But today I am just feeling sad and have been crying a lot. This morning when I got up I cried. A friend came by and we talked and I cried. Then I cried while I was driving home from the store. And, just now I had a real pity party and cried my heart out. Luckily I my husband held me until it passed.

Even though I am sad, I have been getting up, getting dressed and doing the best I can. I have been trying to remember a saying I have heard that has helped me in the past. "This too shall pass."

I realized tonight I have been depressed for some months now. I sleep all the time and my eating was way out of control after losing quite a bit of weight. On the positive, I have kept half of it off (50 pounds). I am going to see my doctor on the first for a checkup, if I am still feeling this bad I am going to ask him for some help.

The stress in my life is crazy. My husband has an serious illness and I try to positive for him, but phew, it is not easy some times.

I am seeing a counselor and she has been great in directing me. So I know I have to hang in there and it will get better.

If you're reading this, thanks for listening. It is helping me getting the crazy thoughts out of my head.

One day at a time!
About me: I am 62 years young. I started my weight loss journey in January 2011 at my top weight of 350. I made a decision at that time not to diet, but to make a lifestyle change.

And today, I am renewing the journey.

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