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Some b**** stole my camera and took pictures of herself making dumb faces...honestly, the nerve of some people...

...kidding. I'm so glad that I live in a normal place where rain falls vertically. Waaaaait...

And the thing about cameras adding pounds was totally true in this case, surprisingly enough. I got back with a soaked shirt clinging to me and was shocked enough by what I saw to whip out a tape natural waist is down to 64 cm (25.2''). Now if I could just get rid of the weird pudge in my armpits and the belly fat, I'd be golden...

Mini Goal: 170 lbs by August 11th (It'll be a very happy birthday indeed)--Reached 7/25/12
Mini Goal #2: Normal BMI (under 155 lbs)--Reached 12/3/12
5 lbs gets me a dragonfly:

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