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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#866


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.
Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday
These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at www.3fatchicks.com . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the Amazon.com links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!!!
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Don't have time for individuals right now, as I'm about to work out, but I just had to share this!!!

The weekend after I go to my concert, we are going back to Chicago, and I'm MEETING MY FAVORITE BAND!!! Lacuna Coil is going to be playing a 3 song acoustic show, and signing autographs at Borders in Chicago. SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!
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Kaylee - that sounds awesome! I remember when I was young and used to go to concerts all the time. They were such fun. My favorite to go to was AC/DC, they really rocked the house down. But that was back with the original lead singer a million years ago. The first time I saw them they were opening along with Journey for Aerosmith. Ah, those were the days. You could smoke a joint at the concert and nobody messed with you about it or trip, it was great and I was so thin! Those were the good old days.

Now I feel like I am really hitting the edge if I drink a regular coke or eat dessert. Life has gotten very weird. I am tired of food being such a big part of my life. My very boring life. ahem, anyway, the shoulder is a little better today but still messed up. Couldnt make a dr appointment yet due to parent's schedules right now. They are picking up a "new" car tonight. Mom is so excited about it. I would have thought they would get a truck for dad since his air conditioning doesnt work anymore but they got a car for mom...go figure.

I have not gone back and read the posts on the thread before this yet. I just did two exercise videos back to back and I am pooped. I just wanted to pop in and participate a bit.

I hope all are well. Oh, no gym for me today, my son forgot about me and got busy with something else so by the time I called him it was too late. He says he will go with me in the morning but i will believe it when it happens...he is as much a morning person as i am and I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. I should have been a vampire!
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Haha, Garnet...nothing TOO crazy here, as it's going to be at a Bookstore! LOL!! Now if I was going to the show that NIGHT...well, it's with Rob Zombie, so yeah! LOL
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I'm sorry, I'm waaaay too ill to do personals right now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I love and appreciate you!

And I wanted to let you know I wont be around much for a few days. I probably wont have time to pop on tomorrow unless I'm off sick again (I'm feeling way worse now than ever) but I am going to try my damnedest to make it to work tomorrow. Then Nat will be here for the weekend tomorrow night so I wont have much time this weekend either .
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Hi everyone!!

I've missed a few days of posts and I don't even have time to go back and read to catch up

to all the losers...CONGRATS
to all those frustrated....hang in there
to all those sad...
to all those happy.... YAY!!!
to all those sick.................i hope you feel better soon
to all those over worked and under paid....I'm right there with ya!!
to all the people who I missed....sorry and

Life has been crazy, I'm self employed and I run two small businesses, one with my Hubby and one on my own. Busy is good and busy = $$$ but I'm really feeling tired right now. I love that I don't work in an office 9-5 and that I have flexibility and can see clients when it works for both of us but I need to start scheduling some time off, I've been working nonstop for over a month now and I need a break. I started schedling Curves in my appointment book but I'm going to have to miss tomorrow because my schedule is slammed packed full.
I did schedule my hubby for Sunday so we can go to the movies
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Garnet, Good for you doing the exercise videos when you can't get to the gym. I SO admire that kind of commitment!

Kayley, You're not excited about that trip to The Windy City, now are you?? Have a great time at Border's!

Teahoney, where were you when I needed you?? I've lost posts I was just starting, or fairly short ones, but losing that one today killed me, especially since I was making an effort to pick on everybody! Well, not PICK on really, just reply to. sigh. I'll remember that - Control Z. ** ANYWAY, that 110 minutes was great! What a good way to not only achieve your exercise, but really shape a new habit and lifestyle.

Melindam, Doesn't it stink to lose posts? ** It sounds like your DD's school is really active. I love the movie night idea! Finally something people can really use, cheaper than most babysitters, and not money forced to be spent on high calorie stuff. ** It also sounds like you have a great program of weights & cardio. The weight will just melt off with a routine like that! Those lost inches are the key, too. The scale will come down on it's own, but the firming really makes a difference! Congrats!!

Nancy, You too are so right about energy and stamina being more important than the scale! This new class I've started doing is kicking my butt, and all I can think of is 'If only I could do this for a couple weeks I could do so much MORE of the routine.' Each day getting just a little stronger and a little leaner adds up as quick as each day eating another order of greasy fries and wasting another night in front of the boob-tube. Look out health - here we come!

Dogpal, as I told Lilion, the eliptical sounds really kick-butt! I'd like to try one someday, even if it does half kill me! Keep up the work on it!!

Ammi, I hope those test will give you some peace of mind and help find out why you're having such a problem losing. I hope you can find your energy again soon. Just looking at your picture tells me you aren't a person meant to be low-steam. You LOOK like energy and laughter, and I hope you FEEL like that soon, too! ** I just whipped out the new digital camera, but the puppy is no where to be found. Could it be? Is he actually.... sleeping??? Yup - out cold. I'll have to get more pics soon. He put on 2 more pounds in the last 3-4 weeks according to the vet. He's a whoping 9.5 pounds now. Good grief - I just realized, my less than 10 pound dog is GAINing weight faster than I'm Losing it! Something's not right here. I gotta start watching what I put in my face, which I'm just not.

Amy, Oh yeah - the tampon terrors. We have a house full of those, so we've learned to be careful about disposal. We're now up to 2 cats and 4 dogs when Bill, Max, Simon & I are home off the truck. Thank goodness the rabbit lives outside! And Simon, well, there's a reason we call him Si-monster! Nothing is sacred. ** I, for one, totally understand what you're saying about using a specific scale. I peek at the one in my bathroom, but I don't count it anymore as "real." I use the Curves scales as official myself, most of the time. ** As for that burger, remember that it's not just the points/calories, it's also super high sodium, so that won't help tomorrow's WI, so be gentle with yourself if even that one's a bit high. Good luck on that "real" scale!!! *** I hope you feel better soon and hurry back!

Lilion... Life really begins at 40??? In that case, can I go back and try again, cuz I think I missed something? I better get busy to make up for lost time - I'm behind by 5... almost 6 years!

Little Zelma, May TOM-be-gone and you be back to feeling like your usual beautiful self by the time you read this!

Luan, You mentioned Ghana - my neice studied there and has been back many times since. As a matter of fact she's probably there now and this time she took her bro, my nephew, with her. She's been working with a group of women over there, buying their handmade baskets and selling them for them. The profits go towards education and benefits for women there, who often wind up supporting their families and don't have a lot of opportunites. I hope you have a wonderful time in Australia - I know you will. Someone was just telling me, also, that Fiji is one of THE most beautiful places on Earth, so I hope it's a LONG layover. I did the hostel thing in Germany & Austria when I was 20. It was an incredible experience. I loved it & hope you will too!!

Honi/Amber, OH! I thought you said something about runny noses 24 hours a day! Phew, O.K.! I don't think I could do 11 2-year-olds at once... They need too much help staying on the pony to do more than one at a time.

Maria Lucia, Catherine, Crock, BrandNewMe, Drummergirl, Thin, Leanne,Countess, Sherry (Welcome, BTW!), Melanie, Julee, Jill, VooDoo, LAnne, Vicki, Wyllenn, Kirsikka, Brenda, Tasha and ANYone else I might have missed on this go-round, have a terrific, OP day, and let's hear from ya!!
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trying again!
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Hey guys
Happy to hear that I am not the only one having a crazy week. Comforting! Mine is almost over thank goodness and maybe next week will be a bit better. My boss is pushing me at work. She is absolutely wonderful and wants to prove a point to the higher ups and is using me to do it *L* The problem with that is that I feel like I need to even exceed her expectations since she writes my assessments. So instead of doing something in 5 days (which no one else in the building seems to be able to accomplish) I did it in 3.25 days. yay me! Not the right week for me to burn out with the extra duties of the relay and stuff.

About the relay, we take turns walking in pairs usually and during the off times, there are tents set up where you can play games, eat, get a manicure, facial, makeup done etc all free of charge I like it!!! Although my wonderful yet CRAZY hubby seems to think that we are going to WALK 12 hours *L* HA....I want to be pampered!! Not get ooodles of blisters *L*

One question.... does anyone else crave things they never have before??? When I was young I hated peanut butter.... even as a teen. I could LIVE on peanut butter now. Strange how things change.....

Originally Posted by NoLifeWithoutHorses
Dogpal, as I told Lilion, the eliptical sounds really kick-butt! I'd like to try one someday, even if it does half kill me! Keep up the work on it!!
Valerie What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger..... Although many times when I am on my ellip I feel like IT's winning!! *L*

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Valerie...I'm just a LITTLE excited!LOL

Do you know when you have to head back out on the road?

I'm off for the night!
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Brenda - the killer exercise class falls into the "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" catagory - I know whatcha mean!

Kayley - You have to put up with me until Sunday. Monday it's back in my cage again - maybe even Sunday night if they want us in Indiana or Kentucky by Monday morning. It's been wonderful to be home. At least I feel incredibly refreshed from a few days off. A week ago this time my poor hubby was afraid for his life.

OOOOOOOOooo! Had to change my Avatar! I was looking for something Easter-y or springlike, but found this one... Ya know, I'm always REEEEally close to picking the one with the guy's back flexing his muscles... beautiful. But, I decided to stay horsey instead.

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Amy - I think the apple baker came from a warehouse full of richard simmons stuff from way back when and they were auctioning off stuff to clear out the warehouse. I got richard simmons socks, an ab bar, shoe inserts, tonin rings and some videos. They sold me something they were out of so they sent me the apple as an apology for the inconvenience...who knows how long they were back in that warehouse. But I wrote to Richard Simmons and he emailed me that he couldnt find instructions either I guess they dont keep a master copy of all of their products like I would. But then I am a bit obsessive compulsive about stuff. I am sure we will figure out how to zap an apple I just thought if anybody would have a chance of having one of the things it would be people on 3fc since we have all kinds of health related gadgets and stuff.

Shoulder is in a better mood today, must have slept in a better position than night before last.

Kayley - sorry to hear about your mother's bad experience at work and her colon cancer too. My mom celebrated 9 years clean on st patricks day after her colon cancer surgery.

Amber - I love the beach but the only one in the US I have been to has been on the Gulf of Mexico, not one of the pretty ones on the east or west coast. Our water is brown here.

I did get to go the cayman islands as an au pare (sp?) a million years ago for a couple of weeks. The beach and water there is magnificent! clear blue you can see the bottom of the sea.

wyllenn, thanks for clearing that up for me. So my psychiatrist is into pushing pills and logic and seems to have no clue about emotion and dealing with issues so I guess it is because she is a MD instead of a therapist type psych person. Obviously I need to ask for therapy because the pills alone are not doing it for me. Thanks again.

Dont let half a slice of cheesecake kick you out of your program! You can do this, you have been doing well and can do even better! Use some of your psychology on yourself!!

About your query, I am pretty happy with what I get out of 3fc. I have low self esteem so I never expect anyone to miss me when I am gone and I am comfortable that way. Which is good because I check out a lot with my depression and such. I am just glad I am tolerated at all for the most part. I like reading about other people having the same struggles with their weight that I am having and having successes in their struggle. It is nice to know I am not the only person my size going thru all these things which it is so easy for me to isolate and feel alone. My mom made me go with her to get hamburgers so I could ride in the new car but that is the first time I have left the inside of the house since the last time I was at the gym. I isolate a LOT. But I guess I like it that way or I wouldnt do it. But with the internet, it is not like I am so alone all the time. Especially on these boards where I actually know some people's name and have seen a pic of their face and have commisserated with them in the weight struggle. Coming online to 3fc is my primary social activity. To tell the truth, I was expecting to be ostracized after my post about the whole expectations subject. I was relieved to see it was taken as it was meant and not turned into something negative.

I get a lot out of 3fc and I am glad it is here and that all of you are here as well.


luan - glad you enjoyed your class...I have had so much trouble with the strip lashes, I cannot fathom the individual ones, I would have them all over my face or something.

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Australia. I have always wanted to go there...well, anywhere just about. Are you going to dig for opals?

Sharon voodoo - I hope that your life settles down so that you may get back on program soon before too much damage is done! Just dont give up!!

Jill - how can your life be boring...you are living out there in the real world and you have a significant other. Anything could happen in your life because you are out there living it. you are not boring to me but you are right you need to cut the excuses and get back on program! Seems like New Years' incentives are starting to peter out around here for some of us and we just cannot let that happen. We are all worth being healthy and fit, I dont care what sort of effort it takes, we gotta do it or die trying. Or rather die for lack of trying. This is our lives here!!!

KIRSIKKA-76 - you are NOT worthless. If I have any worth at all then EVERYBODY does and they tell me I do so logically it follows that you do too.

I know what you mean about the depression but you have to fight it. Are you in treatment for it? if not you might want to check into your local clinic to see about seeing a psychiatrist. Where I live there is a county program and since my income is so low, I dont have to pay anything for my treatment. There is probably something like that where you are but you will have to pull yourself together enough to find it and get the help.

Weight loss is a struggle for all of us or we would not be overweight in the first place. Overeating is an addiction IMO and it is very difficult to overcome but NOT impossible! You are doing things right cause you have lost 4 pounds just keep up with what you are doing...calories in and calories burned get those two things under control and you will be doing great!

Tracey - You are doing GREAT with your exercise! I have really been falling down on the ball with mine. When I cant get a ride to the gym I need to just pop in a video right? Well today I did, I did two videos. one mile with Leslie Sansone and one Richard Simmons video. Probably his easiest one ever but I did it anyway. It's the first one of his I have ever done. So I am happy with myself for doing that. It does feel so much better when you exercise regularly, doesnt it? Makes ya feel like you're really doing something about your weight.

Brenda - good luck with your fundraisers, what a worthy cause!

Melindam - Congrats on no gain and on the NSV of less inches...!!

Dogpal - Welcome back to the posting! I agree about the emergency people and the obese, it really did make me think about it. One of my fears is of having to ride in an ambulance. My ex is a paramedic and I figure if he can be one, anyone can be one and I would rather just not go there...Fortunately, I have always had a ride or been within walking distance of the hospital when I needed to go.

Valerie, when is your next WI?? I want to see if you are sneaking up behind me...

Ammi - I hope that the tests with the Dr turn up something simple that will turn your weight loss back on! I am sorry you are feeling so down. I know what it is like to stay in bed all night and all day for lack of motivation to live. At least you are still coming here so that is a good thing. Take care.

Amy - I am with you! also, I really like your quote who is NKC?

kayley - Rob Zombie !!! that would be awesome...do you like his movies? House of 1000 corpses is the only one I have seen so far but I thought it was really killer.

Countess - I am happy for your finances but concerned for your wellbeing. I hope you can schedule some me time soon. Happy to hear you found room in your book for a movie with hubby.

I was good, I turned down Whataburger and went to Jack in the box with my brother and I got a southwest chicken salad and ate that. So that was a NSV for me to choose salad at a fast food restaurant! yay me.
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Jill – I pretty much agree with you on my forum expectations. I love getting answers to specific questions, and I love that other people “get” a lot of what I’m going through.

Kirsikka – As I was saying, it’s great that so many other people get what we’re going through. I also love it when people post ups and downs, as that is the way it really is. You are NOT the only one who struggles!

Teahoney – woohoo on that exercise! Glad to see you like the accountability too!

A note for anyone who wants to make exercise a habit: come join us on the exercise thread! We set individual goals, but also walk toward our group total. So far we have exercised almost 200 hours this month alone!

Amy – I couldn’t be a counselor or psychiatrist – that’s why I went for a degree in another branch of psych. Plus, I am absolutely fascinated by it!! But don’t get me started talking about social psych, or I’ll go on all day!

The cheesecake was excellent, but I think I have managed to move past it and had a good day today. I am finally getting back on track with exercise! OH! And I forgot to mention when I posted my minutes in the exercise thread, that I am finally “on track” with my exercise goal for the month! YAY! I think it helped that hubby and I spent some time lately getting the basement more hospitable for humans!

As for scales, mine at home is lower than any other around (at least 5 pounds) , but I weigh on it as my regular one. It’s the scale where my starting weight of 295 came from, but from any other scale I know I was 300 pounds at least. So, I know what you mean.

Finally, if you want to stay accountable for exercise – come join us on the exercise thread!!!

As for Valerie and Melinda and others who have lost posts, I have taken to writing posts in word and then pasting them in. If I DO hit the wrong buttom, I can “undo” my mistake! I sympathize, as it’s VERY frustrating (and happens all the time on my laptop…).

Ack! Just read Tracy’s reply – ctrl-z???!!! I will have to remember that.

Ammi – Sorry I made Daren jealous with the cheesecake – I’d mail you some but then it just wouldn’t be the same. As for email… yes, you SHOULD be able to mail me there. Good luck with the blood work!

I just turned 40 last month, and everything has been the same and getting better!
I loved my 30s and plan to adore my 40s!

Garnetfairy – Glad to clear up the psych issue… and don’t worry, I am NOT beating myself up about the cheesecake. It was a spontaneous decision, but I am good with it. Logged it and moved on. Actually, I’m glad I feel I can treat myself once in a while (though I don’t do it much)… it feels… normal?? Ack. That’s a scary thought!

I’m glad you get a lot out of 3fc!!

I finally had a good workout today (feels like i've slogged at it for a while nowm Maybe my head will get back in the game soon, too.
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I ate it
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Opening Night was great!! I am so proud of my kids and all their hard work. I made it through the day well enough. Spent intermission selling junk food...but in all honesty none of it looked good. YAY!

I am so pooped..the kids all went out to celebrate tonight but I passed. I'll be with them at the cast party on Sunday and that's cool.

Hope that everyone finds at least a little time this weekend for something special.

Good Night Moon.
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Hi, ladies, I’m new here and have been lurking *lol* around for a few days. So I thought I would leap in. I’ll do a profile on the profile thread if you want to take a look.
My body finally made the decision for me to start this weight lose journey. My bp was highly elevated, I was dizzy and lightheaded almost everyday, my legs ankles and feet were swollen. I could not function at work as I as on my feet and walking all most all day. So at 32ys old im on bp meds what a wakeup call. Im really not followinfg any plan just exercising at Curves, drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables lean meats like tuna ooohhh lots of tuna fish. I’ve said farewell to 12 lbs. and feeling much better.
I usually work day tour 730am to 4p but this week im working 12ato8a and things have been mixed up big time. I’ve forgotten to take my bp meds. Since im home during the day I want to eat all day long and Im up at night I want to eat then. Thank goodness everything is closed at the hospital and I carry no money with me. Tonight is my last night yaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Well its time to check on my guys sorry I rambled on. Hope I can get to know everyone. Goodnight!
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A few quick notes before bedtime!

Violet: I haven't been doing WW but I have been thinking about it. Why do you like it so much? Any input will help.

Princesspuffypants: Wow! Australia. How fun. My sweetie pie 21 year old niece will be going to college there as soon as she has all the money saved up. I myself have been in love with New Zealand ever since seeing a Documentary on it. I would love to go their or Spain.

Lilion: Thank you soooo much for making 40's sound inviting. I will be turning 40 in June. I have asked my hubby very early to invite my parents and aunts and uncles to my birthday party that I want him to throw for me! I plan to live much better in my 40's than I did in my 30's just wasting away getting more and more unhealthy.

Valerie: You have to try an eliptical It kicks my big ole butt! I really like it though. It is fun to me.

Garnet: One thing I noticed after not having to go to the hospital for a lonnnnng time then having to go in the emergency room for some stupid disease I got from drinking the city water where I lived... I had to be in the hospital for a few days for rehydration and potasium but, The bed seemed to have shrunk since the last time I was there before I got fat... lol. It freaked me out. Weird things you don't think about and very good reasons to get healthy.

Nuthinfanci: Welcome. We are so happy that you have decided to join us in our journey to health.

Julee: Congrats on your "kids" doing well on their play. Sounds like you are a wonderful leader to them and they are very lucky to have you!

Teahoney: you go girl. Walkilng all that way. Man. You will be ready to sell your car if you keep that up.

Kayley: have fun at your concert.

Ammi: I hope that you get to the bottom of your problem and that it is not a serious one!

Everyone else: be blessed and forgive me for not addressing everyone.
Blessing to you all,
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