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And about me, it has been a big day already. My weird semi non working August begins today. So the first Monday with NOTHING to do in a long time. Ambivalence, depression, joy, elation, whatever, it is just weird lol.

Well, SOMEHOW an EVIL SNACK CAKE DEMON appeared on the landscape after Queen Me went to the gym today. Queen Me is actually NOT in love with the gym, would rather exercise alone or outdoors with a group of friends or acquaintancces or by herself or with the dog or whatever.

BUT it is hot out and humid here in NOT-A-DRY-HEAT-DESERT-TOWN. Queen Me also does good work at the gym, plus she has a paid up membership for practically forever. So she restarted her 5K dreams from scratch in the cooler, non humid environment of the indoor track. She wanted to recalibrate the phone's accelometer as the GPS doesn't work as well in that building. Ran a gentle mile at 22 minutes for time and did walk intervals to fill a half hour, then went to the park and walked a gentle half hour not for time.

SO was feeling good, no work for the Empress to do (unless she cleans the palace or weed eats the estate). Then it happened, aaack, she saw SNACK CAKES in the grocery where she had stopped to get dog food. Donuts are forbidden in the Empire but the occasional sweet bakery treat is okay dokey. However, Queen Me (same person as the Empress) got the kind of SNACK CAKE that is KNOWN to be more calories than listed on the label, scanned the barcode in My Net Diary (best app in iTunes) and sure enough each cake in the package of two is 20 calories higher per the barcode. It is okay to eat that in a calorie controlled diet if one knows to count it correctly, which Am does, so she ate both and had done with it.

Did buy steel cut oatmeal and agave nectar for sweet treat breakfasts the rest of the week. Somewhat low glycemic. Agave is really a sugar like any other but is so sweet one only needs a drop or two so it doesn't mess with blood sugar or calorie count.

So, a Monday with nothing to do! Woo! Ahhh ... probably will get depressed! Lol, s'ok, NOTHING will make me blow the cal count today as am feeling so happy with my weigh-in result!

MONDAY: August 6, 2012, Day 316 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 30 min run/walk (August Gym Challenge begins), 30 min walk (in park), total streakity streak minutes so far 23,840 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)

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