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Good very hot morning, Royals! I've watered the posies, cut up strawberries and cucumbers, made tuna salad and diet Jello - all before 9:00 and all in my bathing suit (no, don't try to picture it!).

I'm improving and losing some of that "immediate" stuff. Relating strongly to Kaylets "in the moment" prose. I wasn't weighing but "felt" the gain - in clothes and just in general. A lot of celery usually helps that and it seems to be the ticket again.

Also relating well to the Empress re every pound off keeping the body younger. Have not really lost much over the last ten years (it's almost that long since I managed to lose fifty pounds) but the last few weeks have once again showed me just how easily I could gain it all back. More and more physical problems cry out for more loss.

A few days ago I put in a bid for a house. Undeniably a lowball bid and I'm not expecting to get it but then one never knows. Have been looking since February or so (in fits and spurts as new things come on the market).
And working more and more (tho not consistently) on getting this place ready to sell. emotional, you bet - parting with old memories (and some things I don't even remember). But my memories are in my head and my heart and I must face up to that "aging" process and ready my "elder stateswoman" castle.

So, did tai chi yesterday (been faithful but that's been cut to once a week and second class never reset - First long term group to go back to twice a week in September.)

To pool today as well - only made it twice so far this month. Must up attendance/cut per visit cost before end of month. Still doing PT for my back which mostly involves strengthening core. Legs feel more muscled - to me - but then nobody else wants to know.

So that's the plan. Eat lightly, stay hydrated, work on all that dumb stuff that needs to be done and llook for little rewards. I like you cheater day, Kaylets. That was a feature when I lost years ago. It was easy knowing there would be one day a week I could go out and order as I "pleased". Just not working as well right now. Focus, focus, focus.
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