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Wowsa, t'is shapin' up to be a great day for Moi (just me lol) and hope everyone else in the palace or out wanderin' in the glorious world also has a great day!

Starting a 10-day yoga challenge, just to do as little as 5 min daily to add to my streakity streak:

Going to post my streakity here today as a kick-off of my 10-day yoga challenge to do AT LEAST 5 minutes per day. THIS IS DAY 1 and I am STILL up early to work but stopped to do yoga! Woot!

THURSDAY, June 21, 2012, Day 270 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 15 min yoga, total streakity streak minutes so far 20,355 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)

Also doing a little personal challenge to eliminate negativity from my wee brain and life. This, to me, means distancing self from as many negative people, places and things as I can and from the negative forces inside my own head.

Also noting that my little career change challenge includes adding nine on site classroom hours per week of a course I need to take that can't be done on the internet. So need to keep up with my job better and SO lol I better get back to work.

Light beams from the palace window and so hope everyone comes back soon. Wootness!
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