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Wsw!!! Great to see you here. Thanks for the woots!

Woot right back at ye for five months of being consistent on plan. That is great.

I don't really care if I am 110 or 120 years old when I reach my goal, but absolutely I will get there and know you will reach yours. Hope we will still be posting as royal friends on some internet somewhere by then.

Posting helps me a lot in the journey and I so enjoy seeing old friends (old in length of time known, not in age, as we are ageless, I feel)!

Woot! Am so incredibly happy most days lately. When things bother moi I find it easier to throw them off more quickly and I worry less about what people think, say and do than I used to. I feel this will also be a factor in my getting through this difficult weight loss period as my weight is really influenced a lot by my emotions and feelings.

That said, lost a whopping .6 of a pound this week lol, but am truly happy with that as it is in the right direction and every week I am more and more primed for success in getting this now 17.4 pounds off. I am at Day 196 of the countdown to the goal and at Day 266 of the exercise streak and at Day 1 of the Consecutive Calorie Challenge (1595 today).

Thinking kind thoughts of all royals who wander hither and yon in the queendom. Wowza!

Did have a wee problem today in that was driving in desert with an older friend and the temp was 111 and smoke came out the bottom of car and A/C conked out. The rest of the day was verra hot indeed lol. Need to get fixed before Wednesday.

A very nice CSR with whom I chatted online about the need for a Monday appointment will help, I hope, as they seem booked.

Have been feeling really good about relationships lately, even those that are in the past. This is related to my weight and fitness aspirations as am just realizin' how much weight is impacted by how I feel about things.

Life is good, too short to bear grudges and fret over minor negativities so am just hocus pocus focus focusing on the weight journey that is important to me right now and recovering more quickly from slights, vexations and misunderstandings on all fronts and NOT using these as a reason to go over calorie.
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