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Originally Posted by auroragrl View Post
Good early morning - 4:30 - - ugh - - can't sleep - i haven't had a night like this in a long while. Hat being sleepless.
We were the same this morning. I was awake at 4:30, too. I'm usually never like that. I got my DH up with me, but he's gone back to bed now. For me, once I'm up, I'm up.

Originally Posted by Cadu View Post
Good Morning Everybody

I had a rough night last night. I have been having back trouble and for some reason last night it hurt terribly. So I took a vicoden that I had laying around from when I had oral surgery. Not a good idea. It did take the edge off of the back pain but man did I feel sick. dizzy and throwing up. I am feeling good today though, had a great night sleep. I will not do that again.
Sorry to hear about your back. I can relate, I have a lot of back problems, too. I am sorry that something you took made you feel worse. I'll keep you in my thoughts so your weekend can be great.

Originally Posted by PEIslandGirl View Post
I am in the home stretch, small lose this week (1.2lbs) but I will take it - it got me into the 130's and now I am only 11lbs from goal. Having a great time buying clothes but trying not to buy anything that may be too lose when I drop another size - so lots of shoes, dresses and tops - will get the bottoms when I reach goal.
I don't have a coach because of distance, but I do purchase from a spa that sells the product - when I went yesterday to stock up I mentioned to the owner that I had only lost 1.2lbs this past week and he said "then you are not in Ketosis, if you were in ketosis you would drop 3lbs" - I smiled nicely and told him I was 100% OP and he said that was impossible if I only lost 1.2lbs. I said I would review my journal but what I really wanted to do was punch him right between the eyes. Thanks to this site I know you can be 100% and still not lose 3lbs EVERY week.....arghhh. Sorry I just had to vent. I feel bad for the people not on this site who would let a jerk like this break their spirit.
To all my American friends - Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.
Sorry to hear about the spa owner giving you such a bad time. I can relate. I had a coach who was like that. Same mentality, you're cheating if you don't consistently lose 3 or more pounds. I was never anything but 100% OP. Wuv told me what she's told you. That's what is so great about this forum. You get the "real" story from those who have been there and know, plus the affirmation that you should get from the centers and coaches. Stick with all of us here. You'll get through. I've now made it 4 1/2 months and over 50 pounds. It does work.

Originally Posted by wuv2bloved View Post
I'll pick you up on the way Cadu!....he will have 2 angry women after him to kick his tail!...NOOOOO slipping

Good morning everyone, its only 7am and I am awake already....why? am NEVER up this early but I had to get up and take medicine, I have a really bad sinus headache, sniffles and yes my throat is killing me. So back to bed for me and I will check in again later [/COLOR]
Hey, swing by Georgia on your way to pick up CADU and USMCVET will have three angry women.

Wuv, so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you got lots of healing sleep. Take care.

Long weekend for me Unfortunately, DH does not get that luxury. We get today and some of tomorrow together before he has to sleep to get ready for four 12 hour nights.

WI tomorrow (I monitor myself now). Don't feel skinny this week though 100% OP. Someone send me that elusive whoosh fairy.

Have a great weekend.

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