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Well done, Megan. This is what we like.


0615 Fruit tea to wake up with. Multi-vitamin. Anti-histamine. Joint mumbo jumbo pill. Ibuprophen.

0630 B - 3 tbsp muesli, tbsp summer fruits, tbsp low fat cottage cheese, tsp wheatgerm, skimmed milk. Coffee w full fat milk.

1020 S - apple, hard-boiled egg. SF hot chocolate.

Mouth guard in.

1300 L - sardine al limone, 3 oatcakes, salad (celery, sugar snap peas, mushroom).

1335 SF hot chocolate

1615 Apple, 8 walnuts. And a few prawns. Pot of rooibosch tea. Also a "rock crystal cake" which the SO's Chinese teacher brought all the way from Xi'an. That's where those amazing terracotta warriors were found and these cakes are a speciality of the area.

1900 T - lamb stew extended with haricot beans (with carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms), new potatoes, cabbage.

E - 25 mins brisk walk; abs & yoga; .
45 mins moderate walk.

See you tomorrow.
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