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Glad you've joined us, silver! I usually post my plan for the day, which sometimes is pretty set and other times a little less (like my dinner tonight), and the next day I go back to edit what really happened. Not that you must follow my example.

Saturday plan:
B - coffee w 1 T h&h, egg sandwich = light English muffin + large egg with a bit of spinach scrambled in
L - veggie burger on ww bun, frozen veggies or carrots
S - grapefruit, yogurt
D - Dinner at a friend's. I will let this be my "indulgent meal + 1 day I get to drink alcohol of the week", but I must stay under 2000 cals for the day and drink no more than 2 beers or 2 beverages.
Edit: Dinner included 2 beers, 1/2 slice Italian herb bread, 4 coconut shrimp, 2 bacon-wrapped shrimp, 8 scampi shrimp w 1/2 c spaghetti, 1/2 c very cheesy cheese grits, salad and 1 T Ken's Greek dressing
I guestimated with Fitday's help that this was 1100 calories with the beer. Hmm... hoped to not eat quite so much but since I didn't eat much earlier I came in at 1780 cals for the day. What is weird is that it was a lot of food, but I didn't feel anywhere near stuffed, barely registered as "full". Makes me think about my perceptions of "full" which I realize have always been skewed. I can't always trust my body in this respect.
E - 50 minutes elliptical, walked dog ~3 miles
On maintenance since March 1, 2005

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