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I'm doing this!
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hi! first of DONT EAT THE BOX of cookies!! I know you're strong enough since you are on here asking for support rather than just doing it in hiding so, good for you!!

I kind of feel what you are going through. I have been there, if only for a short period of time (1.5 weeks), I worked out so much and was eating about 800-1200 cals a day. I was so frustrated, I even cried, cuz I thought my body 'is what it is' and I won't be able to lose weight. I was doing partly low carb also. My husband couldn't understand what was going on with me either.

As it turns out, and maybe you have figured it out by now, with as much as I was working out, I definitely wasn't eating enough calories and with my hard workouts, I needed some carbs. (I had always thought carb was my enemy also). I incorporated good carbs in my diet and never went under 1200 calories.

My question is, are you logging absolutely everything in?
just in case those small things are adding up and you're eating too many calories.

and also, are you sure you're eating enough to fuel your body without going over your prescribed daily calorie intake? like others are saying? otherwise, you're body is freaking out from starvation

I'm almost 40 and I thought the secret to weight loss was no carb and 800 cals a day! haha.

like the other advice given here, just give yourself a break and try another angle at the diet thing. see if something else works for you. That's what I had to do and it worked.

I hope you get the success you deserve soon, for working out as much as you have been. you're gonna do it!
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