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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying to shine through the hazy clouds, the usual breeze is blowing, and it's only 34 degrees right now. I'm hoping we get to the 45 predicted for today. Yesterday was a record breaker all around us; my car said it was 67 about 4 when I came home from church. I've been to tan for 10 minutes and now I'm making a veggie cheese soup for lunch, and then need to work on laundry.

Maggie -- Is there much difference in the old and the new WW companion books? The way our leader talked before Christmas the biggest difference was the lowering of the daily points allowance to 26 from 29. Oh, she did say beer went up a point and wine down a point. Since I'm not a huge drinker I don't remember, it may be the other way around. It was nice of Will to look for the booklet, and I will look forward to it . . . like I said earlier, I really need a kick in the bu**! I noticed M & Ms have come out in a dark chocolate variety. I need to work on dividing my plate into sections and eating the right amounts in each. I'm sure you enjoyed your drive to the jerky store. Someone at the WW meeting mentioned eating turkey jerky and said it was good, but it doesn't sound good to me.

"Gma" -- I'm glad Jack's back is feeling better but sorry you are having so much pain. I hope you are feeling better as the day goes along. You will enjoy knitting some girlie things for the new baby. What did they name her? With so many babies being born to such young girls, it's too bad more aren't put up for adoption. We had a mother and son come into the church office yesterday. She spoke no English so the young child had to translate everything. She wanted $350 to pay her lot rent so I'm assuming she lives in a mobile home park. The pastor has to ok any money going out and he explained we didn't have that much in the fund right now but he would give her a voucher for $50. She wasn't very happy but she took it. The Friendship Fund was originally for our own church members who were having a hard time meeting their bills because of job loss, medical expenses, etc. I just wonder how many people would still contribute if they knew who was getting the money now.

Hope you all enjoy your Friday! January is flying by due to the "nice" weather.
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