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Mmm, beef stew does sound good. mandalinn I didn't realize you were expecting, congratulations!!!

I'm just going to edit at the end of the day/next morning to reflect what happened. I do like to plan ahead of time, bc for me planning is key!

Thurs (edited to reflect what actually happened!):
B - oatmeal w banana, cinnamon, skim milk, blueberries, walnuts, very small egg; coffee w 1 T. half & half
S - staff meeting - small serving scrambled eggs w sausage, mixed fruit
L - sandwich thin w lean ham & cheese, 1 c. steamed green beans & small baked sweet potato, cherries
D - turkey burger on light ww bun, steamed cauliflower w a sprinkle of mozzarella
S's - mixed nuts, hm chickpea blondie, tea, 1 gingerbread cookie
E - lunchtime workout - 30 min elliptical, squats, wog ~3~3.5 mi w dog

I was so excited I avoided nighttime snacking and thought it would be a low cal day, then realized my staff meeting "snack" helped put me up to 2000 cals for the day anyway. Doh! I am not so good at this.
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