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Third day down on this progam and not even a desire to cheat. Who is this person? LOL

I am so surprised myself because generally the third and fifth day on any new diet are my worst of all...well, except for the random day down the road when I chuck the whole program.

What has me so surprised is that these foods are quite tasty. I must admit it has been a pleasant surprise and I really didn't believe that I would agree with other posters who said the same. I had my husband taste something last night and even he agreed of the tastiness. His remark was that it beats some of the commercial stuff on the market. High praise from someone who's never dieted!

By the way, all of you who are viewing the posts...please feel free to comment. I didn't mean for this to be a monologue thread. I just posted a couple of places and with one exception, never got a response. I just figured those threads must be retired or something. Anyway, please join in...the more, the merrier!
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