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Default No more sugar?

I just want to share this with anyone that might be struggling with binging. I've spent my life with binging and mood swings. Recently, I tried for the first time cutting out sugar. It seems a little extreme at first. But I was careful to cut out sugar even from hidden sources, not just obvious ones.

And for the first time I haven't had the urge to over eat. My appetite and moods feel stable. I was in such a cycle of binging that I was desperate enough to try anything, including over hauling my whole diet to eliminate sugar. And so far it worked. I did do some reading on the subject of sugar and its effects on the body and brain before I stopped eating it. And there is quite a bit of evidence supporting the negative effects of sugar.

I am not trying to preach to anyone. Just sharing a something that seems to be working for me, when I felt like nothing would help. Incase anyone reading this is desperate enough to try it.

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