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Default Just Ordered It!


I was a Calorie Counter and a IF (intermittent fasting) fan. I was on this site for awhile, and was pretty consistent with keeping up my blog.

Then I stopped.

I still had it in the back of my mind -- that whole period of time -- to make smart decisions and to exercise more, but I could never get under the 190 mark. There was a day where I weighed-in and was 190.2 (or something like that) and it made me almost want to go to sleep right then so I wouldn't be tempted to put anything else in my mouth, so then I can wake up the following morning under 190. Yeah. Didn't happen.

Whether it's my psych or my body...they are anti-180's. Every time I get close to 189, I seem to just stay put or gain 2-3 pounds back and stay there. I haven't reached 197 (when I started 3FC) but I've been at 194 -- give or take 1-2 lbs -- for this whole time that I've been MIA.

I just ordered FLFL an hour ago. I am totally not an online shopper, let alone an infomercial shopper. But in my sleepy haze, it caught my attention and I said "What the ****." Mainly, I've been into cooking/baking, so I've been obsessive about collecting recipes and what-not, so the cookbooks appealed to me, along with just the basic knowledge of how to "pair foods".

I'm sure all of you are right -- in some respect. From the skeptics to the people that are actually following this lifestyle (not a diet). I'm sure the infomercial probably did sugarcoat things and wasn't COMPLETELY accurate on how "easy" and basic it is. However, nothing is. Even those of you who are saying "just count this and don't eat that"...yeah, okay...everything SOUNDS easy. It does all come down to whatever works for you.

I could have probably purchased a lowfat/healthy eating/easy fix meals cookbooks and created my own thing, since I'm getting back into cooking/baking, but I didn't. I figure, it's been too long of me saying what I'm GOING to do and how easy it's going to be to DO it. Yet, I haven't done -- and committed -- to doing anything, for a long period of time. Now, since I've accounted (to my bf) for my purchase, I'd feel guiltier NOT following through with it, rather than doing something I've created and then putting a Milky Way into my mouth. I don't want to let myself down, but it'll definitely be worse being the "woman that spends all her money on nonsense only for it to sit there and collect dust" in my bf's eyes.

Can't wait to receive this in the mail and good luck to all of you doing or have done it!

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