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Haven't been on my computer much today as the window guys were here today and working in my office. I have a netbook but I hate it and never want to use it and I have an iPhone but only use it to look things up when traveling or shopping, email and FB. So now we have two of our three bedrooms (one is my office) windows finished and only have three more to go. With the extra expense we have right now those will have to wait a while. The young man who installs the windows likes our trailer and is going to try and get money for it. He and his wife are very nice and so young and cute...made us feel very old!

I hung around here until the windows were finished and then went out to buy groceries. I got some hazelnut sugar-free, no carb/cal, syrup. Going to experiment with my mochas and some of the MF meals. I have collected a lot of great recipes from the MF website. Some one asked what MF is the Medifast diet. I had the yummy chocolate chip pancakes again this am...don't know what I'll do when they are gone...will have to eat the plain ones. They are good too but oh, the chocolate chip ones are SO good! I have so many products on hand now it is difficult to choose what to eat! Today we got up early and I still ate every two hours so tonight could only have one mini-meal. No hunger but I did wish I could's just watching TV makes me want to eat. But I was able to get through it fine. Just kept my mind on my goal and not being really hungry sure helps.

Donna - Glad you are doing well on your diet that the hormone one? I hope they are safe...I have always been afraid of it. Keep us informed on how you are doing.

Karen3 - Glad you got the bra thing working out. Being comfortable is what I care about these days.

I didn't have a strict upbringing rules. The closest thing to "rules" was if I sat in the car too long outside the house with my bf (who stayed weekends with us) my mom would come out and tell me I needed to come inside. But there was no curfew or anything. I was never grounded. The thing is I just knew what they wouldn't approve of and I mostly tried to be good so I wouldn't hurt them...but they never approved of me any way! I was the "black sheep" in our family. LOL Mom thought I did all kinds of things I never actually did! Sometimes I thought maybe I should have done it since she thought I did anyway. But really now I'm glad I didn't do it all. The things I did do, I hope mom never knew but I think she suspected. I never smoked (except to try it once) and didn't drink until I was out of high school...then I drank quite a bit for a year or two but my partying was very tame compared to kids today. I never really cared that much about it. Then I got married, and started having kids and since then seldom drank. I always thought of myself as being very shy and not with it, but once I was telling a friend things I did do, and she said, Mary, you were wild! What? I thought SHE was wild at the time (I mean at the time of THIS conversation, in her mid-30s!)...LOL Guess it's just your perspective. I know I'd do a lot of things differently now or at least I hope I would, but when you are young you don't see/understand things the same way.

I sent in the documents on the travel insurance claim, and they sent me back an email saying I seem to be requesting claim forms and they'd already sent them. So I called today to see if they actually received all eleven forms, they had, and he reviewed them while I waited but would not give me an answer yet. Said in a few days they'd let me know. At this point I'm ok with whatever they say, I hope we can get the $500+ back but honestly don't think we will.

Freda - Joe's MRI took a long time. Many people get claustrophic. Mine was not that long and it didn't really bother me but I might if I were there too long. I hope you have good results.

Rosey - So happy you are walking easier! You have truly come a long way!

I know I missed some of hi to the rest!
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