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Go ahead and show off - it ALWAYS makes me feel inspired when someone else is losing!

And having my hsuband doing the same thing, collecting info, showing interest in what we're eating, etc - so helpful. And now that he's losing (he's lost an INCH of his waist this week!) he's really motivated and that makes me really want us to keep going. He has far less to lose than I do but still, we can treat it like a project and not a hardship.

How are you feeling? I was a bit sluggish for the first few days, but today for the first time in AGES I'm bursting with energy - and I know it's not from sugar or caffine. Hope this keeps up!

If you feel good and you're getting results, don't let other people put you off. If you feel good and your doc is ok with it - hey, you're WAY more informed than the people who are working on rumors and "what they've heard" so don't let them get to you. The proof is in the pudding. Well, lack of pudding. You know. Results count.

Good luck to you!
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