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Wow, I've been doing this only since Monday and I've lost seven - was feeling pretty good about that till I read about Miss Think up there with her 16. WOW! Feeling like a slacker over here. You and I need to compare notes, I'd be really interested in seeing what we're doing differently. Especially as we have the same amount to lose (in fact, I probably have a little more).

If you get a chance, I'd LOVE to talk this over in detail with you lamby.

Golfgirl, good for you as well! I've always heard that when you have less to lose it come off slower so you must really be working hard. Congratulations.

Nasus, I must know - what is virgin fat? I THINK I have an idea - and if I'm right, you are TOO clever! I'm going to start using that, if you don't mind.
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