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Evening all....Think I over did it a bit! Got the car washed off and in the garage away from those bugs. Amazing when you can see out the windshield. Did 2 loads of wash and remade my bed. Then did the next 2 shelves in the pantry. Surprisingly only had a few out dated cans....why do I have canned peas?....and those darn sales at Publix 1:1 free I have 48 bottles of salad dressing!

Then peeled all the root vegies: sweet potato, rutabago and parnips. Put in bag and shook up with eoo and lemon pepper spice. Wrapped 3 small beets in foil with dab of eoo and drop of water. Put the beets on a disposible broil pan and started baking at 425. Put the rest of vegies on 2nd tray and started 15 minutes later. Then 3/4 hr into roasting put chunks of red bell pepper on top and finished...ohh at 1/2 way I added 2 pork chops coated with panko/lemon pepper to pan wih the beets. It was beyond beyond wonderful!!!!! No pots to wash!

Of course I screwed up and the panko bread crumb bag spilled all over the kitchen floor. Had to vaccum. Between bending and lifted all the canned stuff, pushing the vac and remaking the bed I am hurting. Will get in pj's(braless) and rest. Remind me I said 1 shelf a week......

Admit I bought one small celery root but when I cut in half it was so hard and so dirty looking I tossed it. Have any of you used it?

DH and I watched the "Little Fouckers'" Thurs night. It wasn't very funny and beat gags to death. DH has loved the others and was really disappointed. He is facing R shoulder surgery soon and is trying to firgure out how to do personal hygiene and daily activites. He does so little with his left hand. I could be helpful if I wasn't snickering so much. He was so good taking care of me that I promise I'll take good care of him, when the time comes....but a little giggling is good for my soul.

hugs all k3

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