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Happy October!

This morning I woke up at my usual 5am and was actually successful in returning to sleep. I got over 8 hours last night.

It’s a miracle! Dgs was not home this morning and ds left for work. I set new records on my walkitout game: 90 minutes, 15,000+ steps. I actually felt like going longer. (Marie) I think I got to that euphoric place – despite the fact that I was literally dripping sweat and breathing hard I wanted to go on. However, my back was twanging and I let wisdom override the endorphins….

Lynn, I hope that they solve the mystery of your stomach. Did you know that apple juice is just as effective as cranberry? I think your niece is terrific! BTW, my gyno told me that one cause of frequent uti’s as we age is because of incomplete emptying bladder. He told me to try to make more of an effort to make sure that I empty bladder completely. (sorry tmi) It seems to help. I am prone to kidney/uti infections because of the lupus. I am also thinking about a 10k. My biggest concern at this time is to try to increase my time…. Suggestions? I think it is a stride length issue. And, hey….. a little weed might not hurt! Seriously, I know a lady who has a new life with her crohns because of medical mj. She injests small amounts of the cannabis butter.

Zoe, I laughed like crazy at your story of ds cooking adventures. I get that all the time, now, as well meaning people try to share “diet” gormet recipes with me. Seriously, before I eat some PF changes or Marie Callendar frozen entre’ I will get a great big cheeseburger or pizza! If I’m gonna eat salt, fat and chemicals, I am going to ENJOY it.

Mary, I hope that you are enjoying the gks. And I am keeping Joe in my prayers

Marie, are you rollerblading? I was thinking about that last night. I would sure like to do that, but I’m not sure where to do it here in Billings. I think I will take a friend up on an invitation to go to the indoor skating rink and see how my balance is.

Bobbi, I HATE it when workmen don’t show up! I am usually such a terror with them that they don’t want to come to my house again. I agree, geek squad is the bomb. I use Irfanview to shrink and edit pictures. Its free.

Donna, We have terrible trouble here with Medical MJ. I hate it that pool league is inhibited by all the former stoners in the parking lot taking their "medicine". Give me a break. Personally, after working in the field forever, I would rather they just legalize it and do away with the hypocracy. Think of all the treatment money that would be available..... I sure wish I had back pain for doing something fun... Good one!

Karenfl, LOL at the bugs. We only have grasshopper probs and mosquito probs here - it is too cold up here for lots of bugs. It is funny that they die while doing the deed.

Freda, Gayle, the Karen’s, Carol, Koala, and anyone else I missed, I will be back later.

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