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I wanted a BIG reward if I hit my 100 pound goal. I decided at 75 pounds to start looking at diamond earrings. I thought 100 points (a full carat) for 100 pounds would be nice. Yeah - that ain't gonna happen! I thought I'd wear them all the time AS LONG AS I DIDN'T REGAIN ANY OF THE 100 POUNDS and that would be a great incentive. I think I'm worth it, but my bank account doesn't! HaHa. I guess I'll look for some convincing cubic zirconium studs instead!


Life style change started on Jan 13, 2011. I was going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas.
I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
New goal: To maintain at about 160 Final Goal: To decide if I need to lose more
Just Keep On Keepin' On
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