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Thanks so much! I was actually feeling like I wasn't progressing well until I found this site, especially this particular thread. It helps so much to have good comparisons (such as 20 lbs. or less) because you can judge more easily on how you're really doing.

My mantra: This is a marathon, not a sprint!

There are certain guidelines, so many of which I've learned and read on here, that can be followed that help you stay on track, find new ways to get through a difficult day and in general, make you know your goals are truly attainable.


I know how you feel, when someone tells you that you look just fine and don't need to lose weight, it then puts you in that defensive mode and that never feels good. My Mom, who is a tiny woman but fries EVERYTHING and I do mean everything but doesn't ever gain weight due to colon issues. She lives two doors down too and though she doesn't mean to, she is my biggest saboteur.. LOL

Mom shows up, in my backyard, carrying a covered plate.

Me: Hi Mom, what do you have there?
Mom: Oh, I had bananas that were going to waste. (I'm thinking waist, not waste) So I made banana beignets for you.
Me: Oh gosh, thanks but I really shouldn't!
Mom: Well yes they're fried but they weren't in the oil long! (I'm not kidding, she said that)
Me: Mom, I need to feel the top of your head because I think I see little horns protruding, you are the devil!

This is the same woman that will steam broccoli then put an entire stick of butter on it to melt. Seriously, not kidding here. I adore the woman and she is my best friend so I told her from the start, don't offer me anything! It has been hard for her, she loves to take care of people which means feeding them. Thankfully, she left for Tennessee for a month to visit her sisters. I am taking care of her house and as I walked through last night, I saw the deep fryer sitting quietly on her countertop. It taunts me I know but I'm stronger than it now!

Good Luck everyone...thanks for the warm welcome!
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