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Hey girls, bisexual girl from Brazil here.

gmailjunkie: I know what you mean! People can be so stupid sometimes. A while ago a few women who worked with me were chating and one of them mentioned that her niece was gay. She then said something like "we don't understand why, it's such a shame, she's so pretty". I overheard it and I was sooo mad! I didn't say anything because if I did things would get ugly!
The funny thing is that one of the reasons I want to lose weight is to be able to meet a nice girl and date her. I find it much easier to meet men then women who are interested in me. I end up dating men 80% of the time, but I'm equaly atracted to both.

Esofia: I think we are interested in 'what's between their legs' whenever it's romantic love, even though we like both genders. When we are not interested in that, it's friendship love or family love. That's the kind of love gay and straight people can have for any gender too.
I agree, philana's avatar is very, very hot. I can never decide which one is the hottest, her or Eric.
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