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When it comes to the X, "twit" is the kindest word!

I am so happy to have both my boys with me again! Before we all left for our respective holidays, I was very much looking forward to having a break from them. I guess the holidays were long enough for me to miss them both. And that's good.

Rhyan just left to have a final meal with his dad, breakfast at IHOP. I didn't lecture or coach about what he should eat. But tomorrow, we start back on the path of healthy eating. And you're right, OMWD, it will be good for me as well to have my little partner in staying OP. I also gave up on that scaly monster for the weekend. We'll be back on track soon enough, just like all the thin people on the planet. They party, then get right back into their regular food patterns. It all works out, even for us!

You know, when a thin person hears that I've lost over 50lbs, they are completely impressed with me. They can't even begin to comprehend that concept. And me, I don't think that much of myself for having done it. I'm thinking about the next 50, and then the 50 after that! Maybe then I'll be impressed with my efforts.

Maybe we should be impressed with our efforts up to now. What do you all think about that?

@skinnykittycat, welcome to our motivated little enclave! We're all pretty fresh from the 300s (I only officially arrived in the group a few days ago) and I'm inspired by all the success here!

Oh Lovely! I was on that cusp for days! I hope you fall on 200s side of the scale quickly!

@Mrs.Tee, I filled the back of my car with several bags of clothes yesterday, all ready to be donated first thing in the morning. I let go of some shoes as well, and one pair of boots that I had purchased. I bought them because they have an extra-wide shaft and now they're too big! I never really loved them, but they were the only boots I could find that fit me at the time. I only wore them once. I hope they find a good home.

Have a great OP day, everyone!

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