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Oh dear, it's my turn for a !

My youngest just got home today after spending three weeks with his father. He's taller, but he let me know just now that he's gained 20 lbs! We worked together for weeks and weeks to help him lose that weight. Rhyan went to Pilates three times a week and taekwondo six times a week. We cut out all fast food and junk food, sodas, cookies, etc. It was his choice to do this and I supported him. We talked about how he was going to be choosing food when he was with his dad. But they went out or had processed food for practically every meal. And there was little or no exercise during that time. How is a 13-year-old boy supposed to make healthy choices under those conditions!!!???

My son is starting public school in about a month. I told him we'd get right back on it and I'd help him shed the extra weight before school starts. I struggled with my reaction to the situation. I want to scream at his father! And I want to swear! Good lord! What an idiot!!!! This is the man who dumped me because I was fat. The same man who has gained 50 lbs since we got divorced.

I need to go scream into my pillow...thanks for indulging me. xxxooo

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