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There was a recent review of weight loss studies, that found that daily weighers lost significantly more weight that people who weighed less, and overall the less frequently, the less loss.

I don't think it's how often you weigh, it's how you choose use the results. Frustration doesn't happen to us, we create it by choosing to be disappointed in our results.

Common wisdom for years has been "you shouldn't weigh daily because normal fluctuations and gradual changes will make you frustrated," but frustration is a behavior. It's a choice not a universal constant. You can choose not to be frustrated (it just takes changing your expectations).

If you expect huge losses or only moving-downward results, and if you consider even staying the same weight as "failure" then you are going to be disappointed weighing daily.

However, when I chose to see weight maintenance as just as much success as losing, it meant that weighing more often, gave me more opportunities for success. When I interpreted anything less than a 1 lb loss as dismal failure, then weighing more often meant failing more often.

I have to say it's been a lot more fun to succeed at slow weight loss, than it was to fail at rapid weight loss. All my 90 lbs have come off slower than I was losing when I quit all previous diets for failing. My current success is slower than most of my failures were. It was all how I looked at the scale (not how often I used it).

I weigh twice a day, and I've never been tempted to quit, because I choose to reward maintenance as much as I used to reward losing (but only if it was a loss of more than a pound per week. I didn't celebrate small losses because I saw them as almost as bad as gaining).

One of the best uses of the scale I've found is after off-plan eating. Whether it's a bite or a binge, I get on the scale as sort of a "reset" button. You can't gain more weight from food than the weight of the food. So getting on the scale is sort of a worst-case-scenario. I'd get on the scale and ask myself "do you want to make this permanent? If not, eating more isn't going to help.

It stopped the type of thoughts that led to binges in the past (I've already blown it by eating off plan, so I might as well binge until bursting, and I'll start fresh tomorrow).

By using the scale as a "starting fresh" moment rather than the morning after a binge, I prevented the backsliding that was characteristic of my dieting in the past.

I used to hate the scale, now I love it - because I have more opportunities for success than failure (because I redefined success). I also stopped hating myself for gains. Sure gaining isn't my goal, but if I beat myself up for a gain, I'm only more likely to make myself miserable, and if I make myself miserable I'm going to want to quit. I don't want to quit, so I had to stop making myself miserable.

Ironically I had to make weight gain less important, and weight maintenance (no loss) more positve and more important, I've had a lot more success with permanent weight loss. I may be losing slow, but I'm never in the least bit tempted to quit, because "just maintenance" is worthy of celebration. I am so PROUD of the fact that I haven't had a significant weight gain since I've started. In fact, it's been six years. Six years is a terribly long time to lose 90 lbs (though most of it was lost in the last two years), so not so impressive. But going six years without a weight gain of more than 10 lbs, for no longer than a week (I gain 8-10 lbs every month with TOM), why that's practically a miracle. I spent nearly 40 years either steadily losing or steadily gaining. So six years without a gain, feels like a virtual miracle (even if 90 lbs of weight loss hadn't been involved.

I've gone on a bit of a tangent, but weighing two to three times a day has helped me create a miracle in my life, so I'm a bit overly enthusiastic about it.
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