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So this is quite off topic but I need some advice or words of encouragment.

My entire life I have been overweight...secondly even though I have lost some weight and would like to celebrate that, I am still not to a "healthy weight." My girlfriend who is extremely motivated to get healthy be healthy, who at one time was 60lbs bigger than she currently is, is at a healthy weight, and I don't think she understands that my story is different than her story.

I have never been small than gained weight, I was an over weight kid that always has been over weight. She was a healthy weight, and than gained weight in a different realtionship and we started getting healthy together. However it has been harder for me to lose weight than it has for her. Although she says she understands my struggles, I truly believe that she does not. For I have never known the land of the "healthy" or "skinny" or "inshape" or whatever land you want to call it, I have never been there. She was there, than left, than went back.

So the fact that I am at this weight I currently am is a success, and I understand that but I feel like I am letting her down by not staying as motivated as she is. Of course I have a lot more responsibilities right now in my life than she does and than from when we first started this journey. I have not given up the good fight it has just stalled slowly. (I'm still losing weight but just not at a quick pace like I first did.)

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can sympathize with me, and or have any advice at getting her to understand how I'm feeling. ::sigh:: I have a few other things I need to get off my chest about my weight right now but I will save that for another day. If anything to anyone that reads this....thanks for listening to me. I needed it.
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