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On South Beach, you should not experience hunger. The only portions you must truly limit are nuts, cheese and fats. 15 nuts alone as a snack would not satisfy me either - why not add in some carrots, or I think I used to also have a string cheese along with the nuts as a snack. I used to use my cheese as snacks rather than as part of a meal; I love cheese, and it seemed more "significant" that way. Have as much lean protein and veggies as you want; you don't have to monitor those. So go ahead and have another kabob if you need it.

As far as the sugar goes, I would try to cut that down and eliminate it if you can. It's not so much the calories, it's the cravings and hunger it can induce. If you're having it in the morning you might be setting yourself up for the rest of the day.

Case in point: I am not really a big sweets fan, but yesterday the only nut snack available to me was honey roasted peanuts and I was starving so I had them. For the rest of the afternoon I craved sweets like no one's business and seriously considered having some chocolate when offered to me, and when I came home I ate a couple of bites of my husbands white rice, something I would not normally do. I'm currently stalled because I'm drinking wine too often and having salty snacks along with it; sweets are not normally something I give even a moment's thought to. But yesterday afternoon they were all I could think of, and when I looked back and thought about the honey roasted peanuts, I knew why. Try to get rid of the sugar. You won't miss it.
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