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Chocoholix 06-08-2011 05:19 AM

I need some book clarifications
Hi all!
Thanks for your help in my other threads :) You are awesome!!
Ok I need some help with some questions I have:
The book says have two snacks a day, ok... but what happens if I eat the snack as instructed and I am still hungry??
For instance, yesterday I had my 15 Kashews ... I was on the road and didn't have anything with me. I was driving and chewing the nuts slowly trying not to gobble them down.
I ended up having 20 because after the 15 were gone, I let some time pass to convince myself I wasn't hungry but I was!!!

So what if you eat your snack but are genuinely still hungry?

Last night for dinner, I made Kaly's kitchen lean beef kabobs with lf yogurt. Basically it was just the lean beef, with no bread just some onions in there, and spices (nothing with sugar).
I ended up having 3 of those (so about half a pound of lean beef) with half of the dip which was less than a cup of yogurt. (I have a tablespoon of lf milk with my coffee that morning so I wasn't oven my daily allowance).
I also had a bowl of green salad (lettuce basically) with a couple cherry tomatoes.

I eat two Kabobs to begin with, my salad and some dip but I was still hungry so I had one more Kabob. Did I cheat or was that ok?
I am slightly discouraged because I am on day 4 and I am being strict and I have only lost 9oz since Sunday. Surely for a diet that promises so much loss for 2 weeks, I should have lost more by now??
Everything I eat is low fat and any meat is lean (I was into lean meat all my life anyway as I hate meat fat, it makes me gag).

The ONLY thing is I cannot have sweeteners as per my doctor. So I have two teaspoons of brown sugar a day with my (decaffeineted) coffee. But surely two small teaspoons are burned off with all the walking I do daily, right?
I don't have any other sugar in a day or another coffee.

Thanks for any insight girls!!
Be well,

Mmckellen 06-08-2011 05:56 AM

On South Beach, you should not experience hunger. The only portions you must truly limit are nuts, cheese and fats. 15 nuts alone as a snack would not satisfy me either - why not add in some carrots, or I think I used to also have a string cheese along with the nuts as a snack. I used to use my cheese as snacks rather than as part of a meal; I love cheese, and it seemed more "significant" that way. Have as much lean protein and veggies as you want; you don't have to monitor those. So go ahead and have another kabob if you need it.

As far as the sugar goes, I would try to cut that down and eliminate it if you can. It's not so much the calories, it's the cravings and hunger it can induce. If you're having it in the morning you might be setting yourself up for the rest of the day.

Case in point: I am not really a big sweets fan, but yesterday the only nut snack available to me was honey roasted peanuts and I was starving so I had them. For the rest of the afternoon I craved sweets like no one's business and seriously considered having some chocolate when offered to me, and when I came home I ate a couple of bites of my husbands white rice, something I would not normally do. I'm currently stalled because I'm drinking wine too often and having salty snacks along with it; sweets are not normally something I give even a moment's thought to. But yesterday afternoon they were all I could think of, and when I looked back and thought about the honey roasted peanuts, I knew why. Try to get rid of the sugar. You won't miss it.

CyndiM 06-08-2011 06:05 AM

My two go to foods are always beans (refried, chick pea crunchies, etc) and dense veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc. Are you getting 4.5c of veggies every day and what veggies are you eating? As Mathilda said you should never be hungry on this plan so eat more, just choose wisely. Pepper strips and hummus or celery stuffed with Laughing Cow are a great Phase 1 snacks, and a 1/2 cup of garbanzos and raw veggies would liven up that salad and make it more filling.

I would aim to go through Phase 1 without the sugar. It is only two weeks but it can make a big difference.

Chocoholix 06-08-2011 06:33 AM

Thanks girls.
MmcKellen, youare not allowed any carrots :) It's on the food to avoid list.
I don't eat that much cheese, but I thought that was considered a protein according to the book? Not countring towards your daily intake of dairy? (and it's low fat cheese).

I failed to mention I have an issues with food. There are very little things I do eat... call me a picky eater :)
I don't eat celery for instance. I am allergic to most sea food so I don't eat anything that swims in the water as it might land me in the hospital.
Oh I am also not allowed to eat peppers as I become cyanotic (something to do with me missing an enzyme or something).
I eat lots of greens like raw spinach, lettuce, iceberg and cucumber.

I do eat 4.5 c of veggies a day. At Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner I am not hungry. It's the snacks that are not enough for me, quantity wise.
So specifically about the quanity of snacks...if I have my snack and I am still hungry, what do I do?

cottagebythesea 06-08-2011 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by Chocoholix (Post 3882799)
Thanks girls.
MmcKellen, youare not allowed any carrots :) It's on the food to avoid list.

On the revised food list, carrots are fine for Phase 2. :) And you are correct in the fact that cheese is listed as a protein, not dairy.

My suggestion is try having a large glass of water with lots of crushed ice along with your snack to help you feel full. Chewing on the ice is very satisfying and guilt free. Add a little Crystal Light to it if you want something flavored.

CyndiM 06-08-2011 06:42 AM

You need more substantial snacks :) The issue with cheese is more the possible impact on weight loss. A lot of us have had to face cheese limits to continue losing. How about cucumber slices and hummus or taziki (I know spell check won't save me with that one!), plain Greek yogurt, refried beans with salsa, spinach salad with egg slices & sunflower seeds, or even smaller portions of leftovers?

ETA - I didn't event think about the water! Drinking enough water does really make a big difference too

Lexxiss 06-08-2011 06:50 AM

My hunger levels drastically changed over time as my blood sugar stabilized. During P1, I would often get totally hungry. I would often have plain yogurt, diced chicken or string cheese in addition to my nuts. After 2 years following SBD, I'm rarely hungry at all.

Weightloss varies for many on P1. For some it happens quickly and with great consistency and for others it will come in small "whooshes". I know we are always looking for results on the scale but it really helped me to concentrate on other health benefits and to take measurements. I can lose inches without much scale movement.

I'd agree with the others that on P1, even the small amount of brown sugar could be fueling your hunger. I would try to eliminate it for now.

Keep asking questions! It really helps!

Chocoholix 06-08-2011 06:58 AM

For instance to elaborate on the cheese thing, I had a small piece of low fat cheese yesterday, 2 Laughing cow low fat triangles for breakfast today (with two slices on non-fat turkey) and a small piece of low fat cheese today. Small meaning less than my index finger in width and about the same in height.

But surely, I am eating about 1/3 of the things I used to eat when I wasn't dieting, I should lose something, right? Oh and my doctor has me on a non-sodium salt (although my BP is normal) so it shouldn't be water retention right?

Chocoholix 06-08-2011 07:04 AM

Oops posted before I saw the other replies :)

I do drink a lot of water, about 2 liters+ a day. I have this one liter canteen and I fill it and empty it at least twice a day so I know how much I drink :)

Humus, as in the normal Lebanon humus? It has something in it called (in Greek) Tachini which is VERY fattening...I am not sure of the English word for it.
Unless you are talking about just chick peas, mashed with spices?

Lexxiss, you are right, I DO feel better already. I have more energy, my brain seems to be working better, my mood is better... I just wish the scale would show it too :(
(ok I guess it will in time lol).

So I can have, yogurt AND nuts for a snack?
Cool :)
Beans are kind of hard to carry around... you see every afternoon we do out of the house activities with the boys or run errands so I need something to eat on the go... How about hard boiled eggs?? I lose those!

WaistingTime 06-08-2011 07:17 AM

I was very hungry the first time I did PH1 so you are not alone. I am careful with some foods, nuts for example I always measure, and I try to watch my cheese intake. But I typically do not worry much about quantities of other healthy foods if I am seeing a loss. When I stall, then I consider the quantities. One thing that I really love about SB is that there is not counting calories or points or carbs. IMO, if you are truly physically hungry, have a healthy snack. If you are snacking a lot or hungry a lot, consider what you are eating to see if changing will help. And I agree with everyone that you should cut out the sugar. Sorry.

Chocoholix 06-08-2011 07:39 AM

Thanks WaistingTime :)
I can still use sweeteners though, right? In your opinion girls, what is the best sweetener (I am not allowed Aspartame or anything containing it though) out there?

My friend is on the Duncan Diet, and she has plain yogurt with sweetener. Is that ok for the SB as well?

cottagebythesea 06-08-2011 07:58 AM

Yes, you can still use sweeteners. Since you can't have aspartame, perhaps stevia and/or erithyritol will work for you. Many of us use and like agave nectar, but it's not a low calorie food. It has 60 calories per 2 TBSP, but you rarely need to use that much.
Feel free to use the sweetener of your choice in your yogurt, just make sure you are using lowfat or fatfree yogurt.

nanjmc 06-08-2011 08:13 AM

How about hard boiled eggs?? I love those!

Hard boiled eggs are fine and filling! I don't think there is a limit on those.

ultimatebea 06-08-2011 08:26 AM

With regards to HB eggs - just a thought - I always had two whites for every one yolk. Great protein, less fat and calories that way, and the one yolk split in half worked well. I make deviled eggs a lot - spicy mustard, little mayo, paprika - felt like a REAL treat!!!

asphyxia63 06-08-2011 12:46 PM

Hard boiled eggs and lean deli meats are very good go-to snacks paired up with veggies and dip. For dips i use either hummus (yes made with chick peas AND tahini (sesame seed paste), I have made my own hummus before and the amount of tahini actually used is pretty small in proportion to the amount of chickpeas.) or I use nf greek yogurt and add a little salt, garlic, lemon juice and other spices or herbs and use that as a veggie dip. Greek yogurt is so versatile as either a sweet or savory food. Add it to some chicken and hot sauce for a buffalo wing dip with celery (which i know you said you dont eat, but maybe find another veggie substitute until p2?). Agave nectar is a great sweetener! It's very honey-like and delicious. I find that sometimes my snacks and meals are interchangeable. Yesterday for my lunch I had deli turkey breast, red bell pepper slices and hummus while last week that was my snack one day. Sometimes my lunch will be a peanut butter smoothie or sometimes it is my snack! As long as the foods are "allowed" it doesn't really matter what you call it. I've had a bowl of edamame for dinner before. If it satifies you while staying OP then that is what really matters. If you are hungry, then eat! It is better than starving yourself all day and then gorging right before bed. I just discovered this a couple weeks ago. Bring lots of food with you in a little lunch bag or cooler pack and if you eat it all that's fine! As long as you plan ahead and are prepared for those snacking urges then they wont get the better of you!

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