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One thing I like to do is mix various vegetables. A few peas tossed in with the spinach provides a sweet contrast for example.

Also "steaming" is not necessarily the only low cal option. I use a pan with a tight fitting lid and only add enough water to let the vegetables cook - no water remaining at the end. I think this is better than throwing out the nutrients with the excess water. You have to keep on it so that you do not scorch them.

An easy trick is to use parmesan cheese (even the green can!) as the salt to season your vegetables before serving. Just toss a teaspoon or so with the hot vegetables.

You can also start any vegetable prep with onion or onion & garlic. I like to slice in thin half moons rather than dicing. The onion becomes more a vegetable than a seasoning to my taste. In a non stick skillet or one sprayed with cooking spray or even in a bit of oil. Then add your vegetable like maybe summer squash in slices and cover, stirring now and again. If you get the onions a bit caramelized not much more than a touch of salt is needed.

Fresh herbs can be pricey. Consider getting a pot of basil - many markets now sell them for the same price as a bunch- but because it is still alive it will last a few weeks. Basil is great with summer squash.

A tiny splash of balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of citrus (lemon, orange, whatever you have) brightens up most vegetables.

Good luck!

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