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Originally Posted by shrinkingsusie View Post
I also order from Nashua Nutrition. Even with shipping to Canada (shipping is free in the US on orders over $99), exchange rate AND duty, it works out to $12.50 a box for me. On their site, I order from the ProtiDiet (love their liquid concentrate juices... nice change from powder), Healthsmart (LOVE LOVE LOVE their mint hot chocolate!!), Protein Wealth and ProtiThin (the bars and soy puffs are the exact same as IP, even down to the same packaging!)

Just be careful because some of the items within these categories have a lot of carbs so they would be considered off protocol. I have a friend I order for as well and she loves the maple oatmeal. I believe it's under the Healthsmart section.

I have been ordering from there for a long time as well as using the Premier Nutrition Protein RTD shakes from costco. Really helps keep my costs down. Costs me about $35 a week. Almost like getting three weeks for the price of one!

Good luck!! I have typed a list of the items on nashua nutrition's site that I have checked and are the most comparable to IP for my friend if you would be interested in it.
Hi ShrinkingSusie! I too use the Premier shakes from Costco. I love 'em! They're also 30 grams of protein, which I think is wonderful.

I am not familiar with the products from Nashua Nutrition and would appreciate a copy. Do you know if it's permissable to upload a copy to this group? I'm not sure how to send you my email address.
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