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Evening all....the second quiet day. Dh clicked on what he thought was something from his security program and the Itech just left. It was a new nasty. He, Dh not itech, drives me crazy. He answers the phone and chats with people. Last month it was for a police fund. Yeah i know there is no such bird. Now we will get dunning phone calls for the pledge he supposedly made(Again).

opps forgot.


Gayle......telling you again sweetie. You must come here and whine and vent. We need to be needed. Besides when it's my turn you have to listen to me. not to long ago how heavy just a few inches of snow on a roof is. It was hugh. have to go back and look. Thats not counting ice etc...

Karen.... gesh girl .4 is almost 1/2 lb. Bet you have gained muscle weight. Good job.

Donna....think that is the first time this year i read someone happy with Snow! enjoy.

We are supposed have 80's for next 2 weeks which means i can start up the pool. Swimming seems to be the only excerise I really like to do. No sweating noticed in the water.

Tea....glad you checked in. Prayers are still being sent by all of us.

Zoe....Will you be doing a Spring dance Sunday. can i watch can i can i????

Gotta go check bridge scores....karen3
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