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Gayle, we were posting at the same time. It takes time to get a new routien, but you will. Give it a month. We are creatures of habit and don't like change. Some of our Dr.'s are saying they are going to get around using the new system to place orders also. But the Dr. in charge of the others says that it's here and it's going to stay and he will encourage the Dr.'s to get on board. Some of the Dr.'s are saying the same thing yours did. they will go to the parking lot and call the order in from their car. But the head of the department says they will be keeping a record of the docs that do that and it becomes a pattern they will be disipilined. As it stand now, we are going to have to get in a computer and write the order and then read it back to them. So they have to stay on the phone all the time we are doing this.. and I'm verrrry slow.
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