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- That's right........DO NOT let your dog have cat food. It is so bad for them. Put the cat food up where the dog can't get at it. My ShihTzu (he's 8 yrs) gets picky at times. I feed him 2X a day. I put his dish down & leave it there for about 5 min. If he hasn't started eating it I take it up & he doesn't eat until dinner time. Usually he's hungry by then. Some dogs will try to outlast you & go for a couple of days without eating. You just have to out wait them. They will eat unless, of course, they are sick. I read an article that said to teach your dog to eat....put down his regular amount. If he doesn't go for it with a couple of minutes, take it up & nothing until next meal. But the next meal give him only 1/2 of what was offered. If he still doesn't eat, repeat & each time cut the portion in half. He will soon be polishing his dish. It sounds harsh but sure works. I feed my dog a dental dog food that I get from the Vet as little dogs can be bad for bad teeth. It comes in big chunks & he has no problem eating it........scrapes the teeth. I agree you really have to read the ingredients because of so many fillers .....corn, etc...And we also have to watch for pet food that comes from China. Anyway....enjoy your dog! To me they are such a good thing! I couldn't imagine my life without a dog.
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