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Hi everyone! Well we made it Travis AFB without any mishaps. I like this base and the fam camp (rv park) is really nice. We stay here every year.

I have been op today at least I think so. We ate at Subways for lunch but we split a 6 incher and I asked for only 1/2 mayo and we each only got one small piece of Jack cheese and lots of veggies. Worst thing was we shared a bag of Cheetos, one of my favorite snacks (I know...bad, bad) and also shared a diet coke. But not bad for eating out. Tonight will be Tilapia and veggies of some kind....I think it will have celery and maybe mushrooms in it plus whatever else I can find.

Usually there are lots of really big rabbits (I call them Jack rabbits but not sure really) in this fam camp, but I noticed last year there were less and so far I haven't seen any. They used to be all over the place.

I got a really bad haircut this month. Just never know what you'll get. I'm thinking about getting it cut again here even though it hasn't been as long as I usually go between cuts. I just can't stand the way I look!

Better get off this gigs seem to be going fast this month.
Have a good evening.
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