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Hallooo. I am here. At work, I mean. Day 3 of a 5-day work week. No holidays this month. Bah, humbug. Sunshiny day, though. That’s a definite plus. I’m feeling closer to spring. If it snows again (which it could very easily do, and probably will) I will feel less close to spring, but optimistic nonetheless. I am On Plan with my eating, and doing okay. I’ve become more motivated with thoughts of lighter weight clothing and more of me showing. (Yikes!) I have to admit, though, that while I’d like for my arms to be firm in sleeveless tops and would like, as well, to look slim and svelte in my flowy summer outfits, I am less inclined to think badly of my imperfections than I did when I was younger (last year! ) I’m afraid that I am becoming comfortable (too much so, do you think?) with this whole aging thing, and simply hope to do so (age, that is) as gracefully as possible. I do not, however, intend to beat myself up over the stray jiggle-joggle. I DO wish my hair would become a nice, natural silver color, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon (if ever!) I may have to give in and give it a little help with some nice painted in streaks. I wonder how often hairdressers have customers looking to have more silver in their hair instead of wanting it covered up.
Omigosh, Mary. Sorry about the mishap with your trailer! (I don’t know how anybody maneuvers those things, anyway!) But, it will be nice to get home again, right?
A pound down is a pound not up, Sherry. We turtles will win in the end!
So, Karen3, why don’t you invent some healthy “fast food” and then open up a chain of healthy fast food joints all across the country? I betcha they’d make a fortune! Maybe we should all get in on it as a Golden Girls business venture! We could have our own TV show, too! (Omigawd, just THINKING about it is making me tired!)
Ten miles, eh, Lynn? Well, you sure have turned out to be a real Olympic-style champ! I am in awe of your transformation from a chubby (but adorable) little lady to Ms. Senior Fitness America! Now you need to be posting some before and after pictures to inspire the rest of us, okay?
Hiya Rosey. You deserve every “attagirl” you got. You’re doing great, and your picture shows it!
Roller skating, Tea? Hmmmmm. I would need full body armor.
Hey, PT. Maybe winter is over in Denver? I sure wish it was over here in the northeastern tundra. No such luck, I’m afraid .
Emaline. A slap up meal? I haven’t heard that since me mum passed. Gave me a warm little tingle. Nice, those British-isms .
Gotta love that grandbaby time, Gayle. There’s nothing quite so satisfying, is there? Mine are really all over the age spectrum – have one who is a college junior, one 16, one 10, one 9, two (the twinnies) who will be 2 this month, and one on the way. Plus my son’s fiancée (the wedding is in September) is planning to start a family right after they’re married. You know how we take the 9 & 10 Y.O.’s on field trips every month, right? Well, with this army of ours, we’ll be doing grandkid field trips when we’re in our 80’s, it looks like! (I’d better start exercising if I’m going to be in shape enough to do it).
Welcome, Tammy. Grapes and blueberries. Those are my staples. SO good for you, and so yummy.
Lyn, I DO hope you made your meatloaf with grated Fiber One cereal rather than breadcrumbs! Bobbi has endorsed it, you know, so I think we should make it the official meatloaf filler of the Golden Girls!
Cute story, Karen31…and that’s right! Don’t mess with us!
Thanks about my avatar pic, Nancy. Yup, Donna/Jess does look little, eh? But so do you. I’m beginning to think that our little group here is just about the kewlest on the whole internet. Not only are we cute, but we just keep getting cuter !
Hiya Freda! Hope all is well with you.
I know I’ve forgotten a few, so forgive me, please, people (or post more often so you’ll jog my memory!)
Have a nice Wednesday, y’all!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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