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S/C/G: 216.5/190.3/150-ish?

Height: 5'7"


I do agree with the other posts supporting gradually switching him over, however it sounds like this dog has just been fed whatever has been on sale his whole life. The vast majority of commercially available pet food products are packed with cheap fillers like corn and ingredients imported from China - even so called "all natural" foods like nutro and blue buffalo import some stuff from China and are riddled by recalls.. sorry for the speech, but since he's a small dog you should be able to affordably feed him a quality food. Petsmart recently started stocking Wellness Super 5 Mix brand food, and it is popular with picky eaters in my experience. It's truly a healthy food you can trust! It's not the absolute top of the line but my golden retriever puppy has been thriving on it after some scares with other food brands. Now my cat eats it, (the cat formulas lol), my parents dogs, and my grandmas picky poodle loooves it.

Good luck! Oh, and I feed my cat on her cat tree so its out of reach.
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