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Hi everyone..another sunny day..i had aphone interview from dr todds abit late on my lab work but that becuz while my dh is healing im stuck here..anyways i had a nice conversation as to why im not loosing faster or more,the nurse reassured me that im doing fine,just watch the carbs, she made me feel better..i have this horrible fear of failure after going to such drastic steps..Bobbie sry you had another headache hope its better..zoe you are going to luv retirement..Karen31 am so sry about your must be frustrating and hurtful interesting conversation about what others going to googel it so i can see what youall are talking about..jess have u heard from your friend who had the surg? hoping your day is going well everyone,stress free and following your food making meatballs and spaghetti for supper tonite my dh fav i love to spoil him..i'll save a few meatballs and salad for me and he gets the sauce and noodles and so craving something oeey and gooey like a double choc chip muffin heated in the micro then topped with ice cream and drizzeled with choc suace yup been there ate that no wonder im so drooling on that note ttfn for all rosey

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