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Good Morning Girls/sisters

Busy day, but when are they not. not a lot going on, just the usual busy. Clean, cook, work, try to get some time to play. Need food, so I guess grocery shopping is in the picture somewhere. Did you-all (my southern roots) get your flu shots? Our ID doctor at work said that he had 3 flu patients in the hospital last week. One died and the other 2 were on vents. Seems that the flu is just breaking and it's not good. He said there was still time to get a shot if one hadn't.

Gayle, Good to see you posting. You seem to be enjoying your bike. Don't worry about the weight. If you do what you should, the weight loss will follow. Not always (ok, never) as quickly as we want. Aren't the grand kids fun. And don't forget that taking the kids to the park, and playing with them, is exercise. Every little bit of movement helps.

Karen31, and Mary, We all have kids who don't always make the best choices. Sometimes you just have to get tough and let them make their own mistakes. And face the concequences. Deciding that I am a resource isn't an option. I wouldn't let them go hungry but for the rest, they're on their own.

Lynn, OMG!!! 2 hours on the treadmill? Your leg muscles must be hard as a rock!

Karen, Congratulations on getting DH's BS in control. And without him being too aware.

Bobbi, Love the ski pictures. Wish I was there!

Lyn, We make do with what we have. Broom sticks work. Do you snowshoe too? I would love to learn.

Make it a good day,

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