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Good Afternoon GG/sisters,

Yes, I was working all weekend. Would love to have a weekend with no drama, but looks like that is never going to happen. Monday I had to work at Curves in the morning and it was DGD's birthday so we had dinner and cake and ice cream. Yes, I had a small piece of cake (no icing, I don't like it) and no ice cream. DGD decided she wanted a sub for dinner (she's 8, go figure, she thinks they are wonderful) so I got one also. So not too bad. It's still cold as the dickens here, but at least the sun is out today. A little warmer too. I'm getting used to the new SUV, but don't have a clue what most of the buttons do. I'll drag the book and study it as soon as I have a spare moment. Hopefully, before it's worn out. Got the kids again today and get to spend some quality time. I love having them over.

Rosie, leave that sticker where it is. You will be there this week any way. Hope DH is feeling better.

Bobbi, Sorry to hear that you are still getting the headaches. Hope they come to an end soon. Love the flower. Like one of the other ladies, I've tried to bring them inside and it never works. But I love their bright showey flowers.

Karen, The flank steak sounds great.

Bunti, I hope you feel better soon.

Z, You are my hero. I think that all divorced women out there have dreamed of doing what you did. Yeah you!!!

Nancy, I', looking forward to seeing the Stephanie Plumb movies but I can't say that I would like the actors that they have chosen. I guess we'll wait and see.

Tea Grannie, yeah You! for the weight loss.

Sherri, March came in like a lamb here. Guess we've got some more bad weather.

Everyone, have a great day,

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