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Hi everyone! We walked for about 40 min this morning, but we had to walk pretty slowly as my dh's leg was aching. I think he has done too much the last couple days. He jogged about 1/2 mile to a convenience store day before yesterday and he thinks he walked a little faster yesterday too. There is so much gravel here and today even with the slow walking he slipped (but did not fall), so I have told him no more jogging unless I am with him. His jogging is slow...I can walk faster so figure I have a chance of catching him and breaking his fall at least.

We went to the store for a few items but otherwise have stayed home and I cleaned house. Later I sat outside and read for a while this afternoon and it was very pleasant...just right temp and no cold breeze for a change. It's cold now though and my dh is grilling some New York steaks. I am cooking one medium size potato which we will share and heating a bag of asparagus.

Karen 3 your flank steak sounds good!

Bobbi your skiing impresses me! That exercise tape sounds like a good one. I used to have a senior tape but sent it to my sister who is older than I. I hope she is using it.

Well dinner is almost ready so gotta run..

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