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Evening all.....I rechecked the site with all this exercise thought I was on the wrong page....skates and skis...Just be careful!

Bobbi...That pink flower looks like a little hibiscus. Would you believe they grow in yards down here. Tall as lilac bushs. Pick a color.

Played bridge and did as bad as I can do.....winning is much more funnier.

Picked up something new at store for tonight's dinner. It was stuffed flank steak. Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and baby spinach. 2 pieces rolled and you baked at 350 for 35 minutes. It was excellent. How easy! Just take off the plastic wrap.....had tub of pea salad leftover and dinner was done. I love easy. Dh liked it!!!!

Have tomorrow free...going down to the vegie stand. The local tomatoes are in. Need some things from pool tablets. Strawberries are in...The festival is this weekend.

Ohhh...seems like am a shoo in for the board. Am the only one running so far???? Can see it now...I'll loss 'cause no one voted!

Zoe...according to local paper these next 2 weeks the most snowbirds are here....the worse drivers you have- have driven down here! Your drives to work should improve. Bad enough 35 mph in left lane but by a headless driver...all you can see are the knuckles gripping the steering wheel.

Bunti...I want a donut now...thanks!

Rosey...It is are getting smaller and stronger. Has to happen. It is so satisfying to take care of some one. Nice you are getting a chance to pay back.

Off do a nancync and curl up with my new Dana Stabenow. A Kate Shugak mystery.....set in Alaska. Think I've read them all. hugs,karen3

ps don't hate me it's still 80+ here!

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