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Bruce and I just got back from an hour of skiing, it was beautiful out there. I'm kicking myself for not bringing the camera, the snow was so bright and full of diamonds that we wore sunglasses. I'm going to try get out every day now since it's not so cold, it was actually 27 degrees which was perfect for skiing.
The new tape I purchased is called, "Older & Much Wiser Workout" with Sue Grant. She has two other gals working with her on the tape, the older gal looks like Estelle Getty from the golden girls. It has a bunch of segments only lasting about 8 minutes each. Perfect for me if I want to quite after 8 minutes. Today I did two segments, the second you learn how to do the rumba, so easy to follow. I like it better than leslie sansone, not so boring.
Glynne… ~ what is the "old bags" work out?
Donna…Yes, what IS the "old bags" work out?
Rosey… i want to know about those exercises to!
I did take a picture of my pretty pink flower that's blooming today, got many more buds coming. The plant sits in the corner of two very large picture windows and get morning and afternoon sun. My computer desk is under the window next to the plant and you can see my beautiful Waterford cut crystal quart jug next to my Waterford cut crystal tumbler. Can you girls see it? Are you impressed? Yeah right, it's a washed out tart cherry juice jug and the tumbler is from Walmart. teehee! I love the jug, all I have to do is fill it twice a day and I have all my water in for the day. 64oz.
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