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Well tonight I got home from work and was putting my little guy to bed and he told me. "Dad your tummy isn't a big soft pillow anymore." I nearly pee'd myself laughing when he told me that. That is my NSV for the day.

Originally Posted by cyndee57 View Post
I found this thread last night and I'm so happy I did. I have found great success stories and encouragement and now feel like I might have a support team that I can ask questions of, get recipes, etc. I started IP on Saturday, heard about it from a friend. I need to lose 20 pounds, but I've needed to do this for the past 6 years and just couldn't do it on my own. I'm on my 5th day and already feel lighter. Jeans are fitting a little better. I know I will be checking back here daily to see how everyone is doing. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement!!!
you have come to the right place for support and information.

Originally Posted by smileylisa View Post
Hi! Everyone..

Well I hate to admit it or even say this BUT..
I gained 2 lbs this week.

I figured part of the process of weight loss is being accountable for my actions.
I do not believe in cheating and do not condone it either, at the same time I do believe in owning up to it.

I am not going to let one yes just one bad day and decision sabotage the rest of this journey. I sucked it up and back on track, I am not going to dwell on it! The scale next week will be a loss I can feel it.

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for listening.
Get back on the horse you can do this last week was a minor hicup.

Originally Posted by Vanessa333 View Post
Good morning to all of you!!

Today is way better then yesterday, I want to thank everybody who supported me because of my ex-boyfriend is now with one of my good girlfriend.. and really i'm happy for them, (made 2 years i'm not longer with my ex, we were together for 5 years) and I just wish the best for them, it will be a little weird to see them together, but it's fine with me.. anyways funny story, but I didn't cheat yesterday.. and after 2 days without me on a scale, I lost 2 pounds this morning..

I'm soooo happy, but everytime I go on this scale I remember myself that if I don't lose anything it's fine (because in my head I don't think it's possible for me to lose weight, silly enh!) But everytime i'm surprise.

I have to confess I did a dance in my bedroom this morning when I found out for those 2 pounds!!!! I was so excited!

Anyways have a good IP day to everyone!!
Congrats keep up the good work.

Originally Posted by reinergirl View Post
My first weigh in was this morning.....drum roll please....

I lost 12 pounds and 14.75 inches!!!!!!!!!! I cannot beleive it. I thought the scale was off. I even asked em to reweigh me. I even screwed up the protocol mulitple times by eating a restricted item every day (actually two on one day where I screwed up) one day I missed a pack completely and only had two. Forgot to take my salt for two days, took my vitamins before bed because I forgot to take em with dinner on two days..not to mention the accidental knife licking after makin a pb+j for my daughter. I am ECSTATIC! I am much more attentive to what goes in my mouth. Last night I wanted to lay on the kitchen floor and bawl. Today...I AM STOKED!
That is AWESOME !!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

Originally Posted by amber2beme View Post
Today is a much better day! This proves to me that pushing through the cravings and the bad days are soooo worth it, cause it probably ends up being 1 day instead of however many days it would take to get my body back on track.
Yesterday 1 of the MAJOR things that was said that kept me going was the question as to wether or not that "item" was worth 50$ and the time it could take to recover from it. thank you so much for that! i am a single mom so every penny counts and to think that the 85$ i spent on IP that week would be for nothing...well let's just see i didn't even look at the candy the rest of the day.
WI # 3 = another 3 pounds GONE!!! AND turns out they did their math wrong and that first week I got rid of 5.6 not 4.6 like I had thought. So that was like an additional hooray. So 11.6 in 3 weeks. I am officially a pound less than i was when i did HCG. The lowest I have gotten on the at home scale since being sober was 2 years ago when i got to 139 for a day. It took me 3 months of doing "slim for life" to get there from 158. And i think I will get there EASY in 2 months! I am sooo confident that I went to my grandmas and went on a shopping spree! she has been keeping about 4 bins stuffed full of clothes that were too small but i wouldn't get rid of. I took about 3000$ worth of clothes home and I think I will fit them all in 2 weeks and probably being getting rid of my "fat clothes"!!
This week im supposed to get my TOM so the 3 pound loss is even more satisfying! Might be why I have been having more cravings too...idk.
I bought the protein packets that have less carbs in them for this week: vanilla pudding, peach and mango drink, and the blueberry cranberry drink. I was afraid I may not like them but they are pretty good. just hope they keep me as full as the higher carb ones.
i ALSO think i am going to start exercising. my coach said to just take an extra protein packet before i do my exercise and to just start slow. I have a 6.5 month old rottweiler at home that i think would LOVE to take me on a walk everyday when i get home for 20 min. so i'm gonna start there. I also asked about the restricted packets and she said they are adviced to not give them out till phase 3 in most cases. but if i have a stall from exercise she said we can try adding in a few of those a week and see if that is what i need.
I am EXCITED and feel reinvigorated for IP!! LOVE IT!!!
Congrats keep up the great job.

Originally Posted by Adnamaj View Post
I started IP on 1/18/11 and I had my first weigh in yesterday! Guess what guys? I'm down a total of 13lbs! I feel amazing and everyone at work was shocked! I researched and planned for this diet for about a couple of months. I was oh so afraid that I would have had a bad reaction to the foods and that it wouldn't work. With that in mind I took vacation time off from work during my first week, and when I returned to work everyone was in awe! I really didn't expect it to be that significant! I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for supporting this forum your posts and responses have helped me a lot.

13lbs down & 47lbs to go!
Way to go keep up the great job you are doing.

Originally Posted by Joliebug82 View Post
Weigh In 4 is in! 2.2 pounds this week and 7 inches from all over! I love love love it; I am just in Heaven! 2.2 pounds with hormonal craziness and water retention? YEAH! That's the high end of the spectrum for every other diet out there! A good friend came with me, and thank goodness, because Thing 1 and Thing 2 were along for the ride and are into everything now.

I asked my coach about the blueberry-pom drinks as a daily, and he said it's fine, so I'm not sure...I compared the nutrition, and it looks similar to the puddings, am I missing something? I know someone said they were only to be used as a meal/snack three days a week, is there a reason? I think I'm going to use those 4 days and a restricted the other 3 as my snack.

Congrats keep up the awesome job you are doing. As for the blueberry-pom drink I have one everyday and it hasn't effected me none.

Originally Posted by Spiffsgal View Post
Back from WI#8
I lost .8#'s...was hoping for more, but a loss is a loss and I am almost at goal. After reviewing my chart, we (my coach and myself) realized I need to stay away from the gym. I am not one to go and exercise lightly...I am an "all or nothing" kind of person. I took the first 5 weeks of the program off from the gym. My losses were 6.6, 6.6, 1, 3.6, and 3....then I thought I would go back to exercising and my losses have been 2, 1.8 and .8. I have always from day one eaten a bit more protein than is allowed and if I ever 'cheat' it is only by eating a few more ounces of meat. So.....I'm still a "loser" which is great!!! and I am now going to take the next few weeks off from the gym and reach my goal!!! (only 7#'s to go!!) Then I will go back to the gym....I also went to phase 2 and am excited for that small change!! Here's to shaking things up in my body and having a great loss number for week #9...wooo hooo
Celebrate that loss keep up the great job you are doing.

Originally Posted by JudoGirl View Post
Today I had my 14th weight in and I am now down another 2 lbs..that puts me at 53 lbs ..I'm thrilled...
I have 27 lbs to my goal and its there..I can almost reach out and touch it...
Last night I put on my wedding dress..its this really cute blue dress and my husband was I lose all my weight I am going to buy a dress..weight watchers has the Red Dress...
Hey what color should we get for Ideal protein...
and guys can get shirts...
What do you think???

Congrats on your loss keep up the great job you are doing. I like black for a shirt

Originally Posted by df1960 View Post
Had my first weigh in this afternoon, down 5lbs, I thought it would be more for the first week..... but I'm happy with the 5, that's 5 less to go.
Congrats keep up the hard work you are doing.

Originally Posted by Douger963 View Post
Well today was WI #4. Down another 5lbs, which so far is 28lbs in 28 days. So far, I'm liking this. Just have to do this a day at a time to goal.

I like my coaches they've been very helpful. Today they proposed I might try the cleanse, which is just supplements. This is to see if it has any effect on my kidneys processing my uric acid for gout. I was under the impression it was with IP supplements. Has anyone heard of it?
Congrats keep up the great job you are doing.

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