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JoJo, I am temporarily crowned Queen of My Villa. I'll get the permanent crown on Valentines' Day. That should help me stay sf. Today is Day 231. I'm starting to amaze myself. I wear Clinique. Have you tried it or Almay? Both are good for folks with sensitive skin.

Paula, pick me up off the floor!!!!! That is an amazing loss!! Honeymoon or not--that's fantastic!! I'm like you and prefer CORE to SF. I'm eating mainly CORE foods but am counting points to keep me inline portionwise. We had grilled tilapia for lunch. It was yummy.

Rhonda, that's funny about your massage therapist. Mine commented on my shoulder development. I don't know if they are large due to archery or due to heredity. Prob both.

Vickie, how are you doing?

I'm waving at all yet to get here today. Hope you're having the day you want. BBL
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