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Good morning everyone!!!

Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
Happy Tuesday everyone!
Thank you Pegsi and I'm svelting for your adviced last night. I'm very happy with my weight at this point. My coach is just concerned about the weight gain on phase 4. She says I'm at the higher end in weight for my height and age so I shouldn't go up or my BMI will not be normal. To me it's a bit silly, so I'm taking your advice. I will finish Phase 2 this week and move on to Phase 3 regardless. I believe the reason for my cheat yesterday was due to poor sleep all weekend and frustration. I have this feeling that having the big breakfast will help ease afternoon cravings.
Coqui, I was just at my doctor's last week and asked how important being within your healthy BMI range was. I asked because I'm still not quite sure where I want to end up. My goal is 160, but for healthy BMI I should be around 145, and I can't quite imagine that! Anyhow, he told me that the BMI range is just ONE measure. He said we will watch where my sugar and cholesteral levels are, and blood pressure. Very important, how I feel once I get to 160. Then I'll decide if more needs to come off.
All I'm saying is don't let the BMI range (or your coach) dictate what you do.

Originally Posted by JudoGirl View Post
Ok I'm sure this is a new one for everyone...Yesterday I went and bought some pants..I was wearing 18-20 pants and 38-40 jeans now....
I got two size 12...I broke down and cried in the dressing room...I haven't been a size 12 in 20 years...but it was like I was sad...and scared...
I should've come out of the dressing room singing..
But its like I was scared when I put those size 12 pants on...
I've been very successful and am doing what I need and doing it all right
and I hit this wall of oh my goodness..and I just want to cry again...
Help!!! Its like I'm afraid of failure..but I'm not failing...

I weigh in I'll talk to the ladies..but I need your help people who are going thru this program like me...
Sometimes being an emotional female really sucks doesn't it? That fear of failure lurking can be terrible. But just take a quiet moment to reflect on everything you've accomplished. Picture yourself in the future at your goal weight wearing all the smaller clothes, feeling happy and healthy. I'm a big believer in visualization - it works! Put those size 12s on and go out and get some compliments! That'll make you feel better I'm sure.

Originally Posted by Marionm View Post
It's a big adjustment as quickly as we go through sizes. And for all those sizes changing outside, there are changes happening inside and they can be an even bigger adjustment. I phased off because I was losing so quickly I couldn't keep up with the the changes I was seeing. I know for me, there was a huge fear that I'd some how mess it up and gain the weight back and of course, it was mixed with joy that something had finally worked. I remember gently arguing with the salesclerk when she told me she thought I needed a smaller size! LOL

I'm faced with an interesting dilemma myself because I phased off back in December and have been eating pretty much the way I expect I will for the rest of my life which means no grains, no potatoes, and no added sugars. I had convinced myself to go back on plan with my friend who is coming home tomorrow, but now I'm really starting to wonder about that because I've lost 1.6 pounds in the last week--just eating 'normal' for me. Since I phased off, I've lost 11 pounds which isn't bad for 6 weeks of weight loss.

Most of what I've been reading about my plan for life for eating says that your weight will stabilize where it needs to be if you keep eating right which leaves me wondering, do I really want to put my body through the stress of going back into ketosis again? There's a part of me that would like some faster results again, but will I even get them. My average on IP was 3 pounds a week and it looks like I'm just under 2 pounds a week now. Any thoughts?

I suppose I should add this caveat so people understand where I'm coming from... I knew how I needed to be eating to be healthy before I started IP. I used IP as a tool for behavior modification. Five months of eating very disciplined with no cheating went a long ways toward changing my habits and I don't want to go back to where I was. I don't envision eating sugary desserts, pastas or a Taco Bell anymore. I don't like how I feel when I did that. IP gave me a tool to break bad habits---and great weight loss was a huge benefit.

So what do you think? Keep doing what I'm doing or go back on plan?
Marion, you've done so well. I was just looking at your progress pics again and you look fabulous! In my humble opinion this is a personal journey and different for everyone. If you've been able to lose 1.6 lbs a week while off IP, I think that is fabulous!!! The beauty of it is that if you find yourself stalling, or reverting back to old habits (heaven forbid) you can always come back. And this site will be here to support you. Good luck on your decision.

I have my WI tonight after work. According to my scale I'm only down about 1.5 lbs this week, but that's because I fell off the wagon a bit last Friday night. I also haven't been on my treadmill for a week or so because my good ol' arthritic hip has been acting up again (weather related I think). But, I've been on protocol since Friday and was on my treadmill this morning, so back on track towards my Mexico goal.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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