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Hi Gals ~ EDIT ~ I carried this over from JULY...w/o the faces!

Angie is feeling a little better. She will get "cracked" tomorrow and, if it goes the norm, she should be ok in a few days. She is worried about her yoga classes though, if she can teach without doing too much.

Church was neat today, our new Vicar and his wife were there as he was inducted for the year. He is a young one Has his 4 years of college in plus the first 2 at the seminary so I figure he is about 24-5, but looks younger The last 3 we had were older, they had their college in but did other jobs in the ministry as youth directors or teachers before seminary. Should be fun.

Just a reminder our sermons are on Facebook if you have an account. Just PM me and I will direct you.

ROSEBUD ~ Prayers for safety through the storms and a "light foot" on the gas for your DH

BOOTSIE ~ When I was a child, probably 7 or so a lady came to our door and I answered it...she says...."hello, I'm selling magazines, is your mother home?"....I ran to the room my mom was in and said..."Mom! there's a lady at the door selling magazines...and I think it's GRANDMA!" was! We lived in California and she in Illinois so we didn't see her much but I recognized her from pictures. Glad you got to see yours on a surprise visit

KAREN ~ Great pictures, but following the story here and facebook...I know you are one happy lady!

RONNI ~ Sure doesn't seem like a year on your fil I remember those "getting kids ready for college time!"....after this one they pretty much do it on their own

KATHY ~ Glad to hear you had a nice trip

BARGOO ~ I hope the birthday was fun...wait til's a good one How do you feel about the possible upcoming move?

TRISH ~ We have had a lot of cancer in my, grandpa, cousins and now my sister with breast cancer. I am doing a relay walk for cancer next week with my church.

ONAMI ~ MATILDA ~ DEB and all the MIA's....
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