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Welcome Cally!! I'm sorry I don't have any advice for Indian food either, but your plan of eating light all day to make up for it sounds great! Just stay strong, you can push past 155 I know it!

Courtnie, that competition at work sounds like major motivation- you are lucky! Everyone I work with is constantly making, bringing and eating crap (and of course offering it to me) and always wanting me to go out to lunch, etc. How refreshing it would be to have them trying to lose weight with me! But, don't worry about those 2 lbs, I have a feeling you'll be getting a woosh soon! We just need to focus and stay on plan, but we can do this!!

kirjava, that picnic sounds like fun! Great job only having one hot dog too!!

Jelbb, I'm so sorry! I'm pretty impressed though, because I know people who would have just taken off without leaving a note so you definitely did the right thing. Hopefully that person will be understanding and it won't be too expensive. But, yay for 149!

Welcome Claire! I'm sure you'll be in the 140's very soon- and hopefully I'll be joining you!

tuende, I feel for you! I get comments like "I don't think that's on your diet is it?" if I decide to eat a hot dog or some chips. I'm like geez don't worry about it! And you are absolutely right, it's not their place to make comments like that, especially about your body. I'm sure your cousin that calls you skinny is just jealous. Don't pay attention to them, you are doing great and becoming a healthier you! Good luck on the mental preparation, we're here if you need to vent afterwards!!

Yesterday was an off plan day food-wise. Restaurant food for lunch and we grilled out last night, which wasn't too bad but I ate way too much. We are grilling out again tonight for Father's Day but I'm going to try and keep it light. I hope you ladies are having a wonderful weekend!
Ultimate Goal (Re-start 8/1/17)
Slow and steady...

Mini Goals:
#1- 195/baby #2 pre-pregnancy weight (met ?)
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#3- 179/overweight BMI (met ?)
#4- 166/baby #1 pre-pregnancy weight (met ?)
#5- 156/highschool weight (met ?)
#6- 147/healthy BMI & GOAL (met ?)

1 for each 5 lbs lost

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