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Hey, not bad! One hotdog with mustard is way ahead of the curve when you've got hundreds of hotdogs in front of you all day.
I like ketchup to a certain extent... but it grosses me out a bit after having a housemate who used to leave ketchup on all of his plates, and it would like... harden into ketchuppy cement that was impossible to wash off....!
Kudos again on your resisting temptation!

Yay for the scale being down, especially after a perceived f-up. I sometimes think that drinking water so you're good and hydrated and not RETAINING water can be a bit of a miracle cure...!
I'd be insanely curious as to why the ice cream man is playing a christmas song....

I'm the same as you. With some weights, my body just seems happy to sit still and maintain... and it really does take being PERFECT to push past some of these semi-plateaus. Having seen 154 on the scale is a GREAT sign, though. Keep at it, and soon you'll start seeing it a bit more often... then a bit more than you see 155... then you'll start getting shy glimpses of 153!

Also... dude. I fit into their workout clothes, and I'm slightly under 5'4", and a very similar weight to you. You've got me by 4 inches. I'm SURE you can fit into some of their sizes. PLUS, they're vanity sized from what I can tell. I often wear like.. size 8 in their yoga pants, and I... am NOT an 8.

Congrats on being down a couple of pounds! I hope your body cooperates with your goals, and gets ya down into the 140s by the time you wanna be. Even if it doesn't tho, it sounds like you're on the right track to get there sooner or later!

As for me...
What a freaking morning.
I dented someone's bumper in my parking garage. I feel like an idiot. A very BROKE idiot. I don't want them to go through my insurance or the premiums will sky-rocket... so I've left a note on the person's car with my number to CALL ME, so I can pay to have it fixed, but... I haven't heard from them yet. Note's still on the car; they haven't found it.
I'm such a nervous wreck over the whole thing. I get very worked up over things, people keep telling me to calm down. Sadly, I'm not likely to calm down until the whole thing is taken care of.

God, I'm gonna be so broke.

In other news, the scale was 149.0 this morning, down from 151.4 yesterday. Good news, followed by pure idiocy. What a way to ruin a day!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.

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